A Beautiful Merged, Fishtail Crown Braid

A Beautiful Merged, Fishtail Crown Braid

This stunning hairstyle is easier than it looks, but you will receive many compliments on its beauty and unique style.

To begin, take two large sections from the top back of your hair and create two fishtail braids until complete. Leave a long, generous amount of hair for the main and final braids. You can fan them out slightly for an elaborate look if you’d like. Next, you will take both of the finished fishtail braids and merge them with the rest of your hair.

Allow the fishtail braids to weave throughout the large part of the new braid, creating a contrasting and unique look. Halfway through the new braid, split the new, single braid into two at the base of your neck. Criss cross one braid throughout the other and complete two new braids.

When you finish, you will have two braids that meet at the nape of your neck and then two beautiful merged braids that are ready to be wrapped into a crown design. Taking one of the braids, wind it around your head until you reach the front. Secure to your head with pins. Repeat the same winding of the last braid in the other direction, meeting the other in the front. Once again, secure with pins. Allow a bit of bang to cascade along the front to create a beautiful, face framing fringe.

A Beautiful Merged, Fishtail Crown Braid

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