A Beautiful Side Braid Finished with a Gorgeous Tucked Knot

A Beautiful Side Braid Finished with a Gorgeous Tucked Knot

When you are looking for an elegant style that goes with any occasion, this hairstyle is perfect for any event, from casual to formal. Take the standard, everyday braid and turn it into something unique that will turn heads and bring many compliments.

Starting with a strong side part, begin a thick French Braid across the front of your hair. As you braid, begin to take the braid along the side and move towards the back of your head. As you continue, keep braiding to the side, making your braid cross the back of your head towards the bottom and to the other side. When you come to the end of your braid, you can secure it with a small elastic to keep it neat. The key to making this unique style is to keep the braid thick so it stands out. You can feel free to braid with thicker sections of hair for this look.

Next, you will create the beautiful knot by winding the braid around and tucking it under, creating a twisted knot. You can use pins or a discreet clip underneath to keep the knot in place.


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