A Sweeping and Romantic Style for your Hair

A Sweeping and Romantic Style for your Hair

There are many times when you would like to keep your hair down for a soft, flowing and romantic look, however, you’d also like to keep it out of your eyes. This braided style allows you to have both of these needs met while looking beautiful at the same time.

To begin creating this style, be sure to make a side part in order to start making the braid. Where the part begins in the front, start gathering hair at the front and create a twist braid to the side. You will want to make a slightly loose braid, but tight enough that it will stay together when finished. As you move across the front, be sure to leave your hair on the side alone so that it will flow underneath the braid. You are making the braid only across the front and a few pieces from the side.

Working your way towards the back of your hair, you will complete the twist braid near the center along the back of your head. Hold the braid in place and gather a small amount of hair from the other side along the front and pull it back to meet with your twist braid. Tie a small elastic band connecting the braid and the hair piece and allow to fall along the back of your head. If you need to secure the braid and section of hair together, adding a discreet pin will ensure the style stays in place.


This unique twist braid style is perfect for many occasions and you will enjoy the many compliments that you receive on this hairstyle.

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