About Me

When I was around 3 years old, I used to take off my tights and put them on my head, pretending I had long hair. It drove my mom crazy because it was winter time and without tights I’d freeze.

When I got a little older, I prayed each night that my hair would grow half an inch overnight. So, yeah, I always had a weak spot for long beautiful hair, always dreamed of having it long like princesses in fairytales. I always wanted to feel it tickle my back. As much as I begged them not to, my mom used to give me bad haircuts from time to time or my dad (who always thought a girl should have shorter hair) tricked me into cutting it in order to be allowed to watch cartoons.

After that “dark” period of my hair’s life, I finally got to do what I wanted with my hair. I chose my own haircuts, which usually weren’t proper for my curly hair. I also got to choose when to cut it. I had some bad experiences with “professional” haircuts, because hairstylists were cutting my hair too short or in a haircut which was not proper for my type of hair. On top of that, I did not know how to handle my curly hair, which (curlies know) must be cared for differently than straight hair in order to look good and be arranged nicely.

At the age of nineteen, I met a great hair stylist to whom I used exclusively until last year when I started to cut my hair myself, perfectly and very easily.

I assumed that I couldn’t have long hair because it wasn’t thick enough and lost volume at the roots when it was longer, and also, did not curl as nicely as it did when it was shorter. As a result, I cut it in layers and kept it shorter than breast level, resigning myself to accept that this was the best length for my hair.

In March 2014, I met a girl with very long, thick, beautiful hair at my dancing classes. Seeing hers uncovered that old, buried desired for my own. I was determined to take action and make it happen. For years I had been interested in beauty, and especially drawn to natural remedies, cosmetics and medicine. I discovered all sort of plants, herbs, oils, and foods that were supposed to make hair grow thicker and faster. So, I was so determined to put them into action and get results. And I did. Lastly, I utilized the power of my mind and spirit. My determination and work paid off.

What I want to say with this story is that I didn’t always have my hair this long and beautiful, only in the last 13 years have I discovered how to really treat it, care for it, cut it and now, let it grow as much as my heart desires.

I hope my story inspires you to really feel that it is possible to make your hair grow fast, long, thick, and beautiful. It is possible to get your sensual hair, so keep dreaming, imagining it, and put my advices into practice.

Here’s to Your Sensual Hair.


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