Acupuncture for Hair Growth

Acupuncture for Hair Growth

Using acupuncture to grow hair is an ancient art for healing and nourishment. With successful treatments for hair loss, acupuncture increases blood circulation to the scalp and nurtures the hair follicles. The Chinese medicine is rooted in inner balance, energy, and spirituality that bring a focused life force to one’s way of living.

How Acupuncture Works

People are often unaware of how acupuncture works and this can cause them to disregard the treatment completely. The belief behind acupuncture is a powerful one and the depth in its meaning is one worth learning.

Acupuncture is when small needles are inserted at various acupuncture points on the body. The Chinese belief behind acupuncture is about the qi, pronounced “chee”, which is the life force energy that sustains people. The acupuncture method helps return the body’s life force to a balanced state and is an energy-focused method of healing.

If the qi becomes inadequate, blocked, or there is a lack of harmony, hair loss can occur. Acupuncture sparks the qi and blood flow throughout the body and gives it the opportunity to function at its optimal level.

Using Acupuncture to Grow Hair

The ancient Chinese medicine believes the quality of hair is connected to the adequate amount of qi, blood, and kidney life force throughout the body. Because the hair is related to important internal organs and the blood, acupuncture improves the blood circulation and energy flow in your head. As the kidneys control the sustenance of the hair, an insufficient amount of qi, blood, and kidney energy flow would result in the loss of hair, premature gray hair, thinning hair, etc.

The benefits of acupuncture improve qi and blood flow in your body which strengthens the kidneys. When acupuncture is administered directly to the scalp, a steady blood flow is produced causing healthy hair growth. Not only does the acupuncture stimulate your hair follicles, specific nerves and blood vessels of the head are sparked as well.

Acupuncture Techniques

People are often leery about using acupuncture as a treatment because of the needles. Do not be alarmed. A professional acupuncturist inserts fine acupuncture needles at different key points located on your body. The particular points stimulate qi, blood flow, and tonify the kidneys.

A seven-star hammer or plum blossom needle is used on your scalp to increase blood flow. Knowing how the tools are used to help stimulate the blood flow and restore balance is important on your hair growth journey. The seven-star hammer has several tiny needles projecting from its face that revives the surface of the skin or scalp. The hammer is used on the surface of your scalp to enhance blood flow and increase new hair growth.
The acupuncture technique is a process which takes time and patience. Being dedicated to using acupuncture to increase hair growth is essential to accomplishing your goal.

Herbal Remedies

Your acupuncturist can also suggest dietary changes, supplements, or Chinese herbs to increase the growth of your hair. Herbs such as rehmannia root, fo-ti root, dong-quai root, quince fruit, and Gastrodia rhizome are commonly used in decoctions to tonify kidney yin. A higher cure rate of alopecia, hair loss, is seen when acupuncture is combined with the application of the Chinese herb astragalus.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Various reasons can cause hair loss and acupuncture is a non-conventional way to treat forms of hair loss. Taking the time to understand why your hair is no longer growing, will ensure you take the necessary steps to replenish it.

Women often lose their hair after giving birth as estrogen levels lower during pregnancy. Nutrients are sent to nourish the child and this can cause hair loss.

Genetics is the most common reason for hair loss. If your parents or other relatives experienced hair loss, it is likely you will too, but this issue can be overcome. Soon, I will write an article about epigenetics and hair growth.

The side effects of certain medications can cause hair loss. I actually recommend you to ditch any medications as there is a natural cure for everything.

Medical Conditions
Thyroid disease, adrenal exhaustion, anemia, protein deficiency, and low vitamin levels have the potential to cause hair loss.

The healing method of acupuncture will bring new life and replenish your hair growth. Using this ancient form of healing will help restore balance, energy, and life force to the blood that flows through your body. Acupuncture is a safe way to restore hair growth without the use of chemicals or other substances.

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