Adding the Beauty of a Scarf to your Hairstyles

Adding the Beauty of a Scarf to your Hairstyles

There are so many reasons for adding a scarf to your hairstyle. Not only are there thousands of beautiful scarves to choose from, they will add texture from the many colors, beads and fringes they are often adorned with. They are easy to use and are so versatile. You don’t have to just use a scarf on a day when you haven’t washed your hair. In fact, they can be used in all weather and with many different types of outfits and for all occasions. Scarf styles can be funky, practical or elegant.

Once reserved as an item to be worn on a windy day or to hide a few rollers, scarves have come to the front of the fashion scene as a must-have accessory. Many scarf designers have added cute accents in addition to many different fabrics and colors for endless possibilities and looks.



When you’re ready to start using a scarf with your hairstyles, there are many different ways to implement their use. If you are hitting the beach and need a way to keep your long hair back and out of your face, you can use the scarf to cover the top of your head and tie it behind, making it like a cap. This will keep your hair out of your face so you can enjoy the ocean breeze. Tie the scarf in the back near the nape of your neck to keep it secure.

Another idea is to create a long braid down your back. Using a scarf, you can either tie it across the top of your head to tame the loose hairs in the front, or if you’ve made a side braid, use the scarf to pull some of your hair back halfway on top and expose a bit of long bangs for a layered look. This look also works well with a long ponytail that’s started at the base of the neck. Try using a scarf with a high ponytail to create a bit of height on top of your head by pulling and teasing some of the hair on top and in front of the ponytail. This will give your hair height and accent the look of the scarf.

If you wear your hair up, the scarf is one of the best ways to really add fashion and control to your hair. After you’ve created a high top bun or messy back bun, try tying the scarf in different ways. Starting by holding the scarf behind your neck with the ends facing up, tie the scarf on top of your head with a cute bow, either right on top or on the side. Also, wrapping the bun itself with the scarf and tying it off on the side, top or even underneath can keep your bun secure and really accessorize with your outfit.

You can also create unique turban styles or complete head wraps with your scarf. Using the scarf to cover all of your hair, you can try out different tying styles to completely hide all of your hair or even pull a few romantic looking strands from the top and side for a different look. There are sheer and highly decorative scarves that can create quite the elegant look this way.
Once you start experimenting with all the fun hairstyles you can create with scarves, you will keep adding to your collection. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the scarf and see what looks best on you. You might just discover a brand new way to tie your hair up or accent a new outfit. Even if you don’t start off the day with a scarf, you can keep a few on hand in your bag to tie your hair up or wrap up at a moment’s notice. Once you get the hang of using scarves in your hair, you’ll become a pro at it in no time.

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