Sensual Hair Growth Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program!

Earn 50% commission on each order that you have referred. If you have a website, e-mail list, or are active on any sort of social network, start making money by refering women to my book! Here is how:

1. Create your ClickBank affiliate account => SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE

2. Create your affiliate link, like this => Your Clickbank ID is the one you used at sign-up.

3. Before promoting my book, read all the rules below !!!

ACCEPTABLE ways to promote my product

I created some banners for my book. Feel free to used them. You can find them in this folder => Download the Banners

If you have a blog or website, you can use the banner images provided in the folder above to place in the sidebar or in a blog post. Make the image clickable using your unique affiliate link, like this (don't forget to put your actual ClickBank ID) =>

<a href=""><img src="name-of-the-image.jpg"></a>

If you have an email list or newsletter, you can send out recommendations for the book.

If you have a blog, you can write a review of the book and then refer your readers to your affiliate link.

Creating Pay-Per-Click Advertisements to send traffic to your affiliate link. You are allowed to bid on and use GENERAL keywords related to my book (ie. hair growth), but you are NOT allowed to use the title of my book or "sensual hair growth" keywords.

Commenting or updating your status on a forum or social media site recommending the book. Just be sure your comment is genuine and authentic and actually relates to what you are commenting on. Writing dozens of comments, however, could be seen as spam - please do not do that!

NON-acceptable ways to promote my product

Do NOT use domains with similar name to "" (ie., etc.).

You are NOT allowed to create pay-per-click advertisments bidding on and using the title of my book or "sensual hair growth" keywords.

Spamming of any kind.

Blasting out unsolicited email messages to an email list that you do not own (ie. spam).

Writing dozens of comments on social media networks with your affiliate link, your video review, or anything similar. This is spam, and affiliates who do this A) do not get ANY sales, and B) get their affiliate ID deactivated.

Impersonating my domain name in your email address (ie., etc.) or a domain that belongs to someone else other than yourself. Use your own email address and do not impersonate.

Anything that has false advertising. This includes advertising or falsely advertising the product as a "free download" in order to get clicks, or saying that my product or website will be removed from the internet after a certain period of time.

Posting your affiliate links in places that do now allow them. Read the legal Terms of Conditions on the site/forum you want to promote on to be sure the site doesn't frown upon affiliate links.

You are not legally allowed to resell this product through means other than this affiliate program. You are not legally allowed to resell this product on e-commerce websites (example: eBay), and if you do, the listing will just get reported and removed (usually within a few days).

The bottom line: Affiliates who promote my product through spam, illegal, or misleading techniques will not be tolerated. Your affiliate link will be DEACTIVATED and you will no longer be able to promote my product.