Affirmations to Stimulate Hair Growth

Affirmations to Stimulate Hair Growth

Affirmations are positive thinkings that will help you get rid of any negative self-talks. Some examples of hair affirmations are as follows. Look at how lush my hair looks! or What healthy hair I have! Or, My hair has so much bounce! Do these affirmations as much as you can. The best times are when you are tending to your hair. As you comb, stroke or massage your hair, say the affirmations out loud. Stay positive and always refrain from negative self-talk about your hair. Negative self-talk increases stress, adversely affecting your body and, yes, hair. Research shows that by being optimistic, your immune system is strengthened. Perhaps this is why those who are positive in their thinking have better health and don’t get sick that often. So when we make positive statements about our body, our minds get rewired, which leads to sound health.

Our hair will not grow or become healthier if we just state our affirmations occasionally. Affirmations take some time to manifest. If you want to see change, be patient and also relentless. Keep repeating your mantra several times during the course of the day. You might have to do it for months. If you want to see faster results, visualize yourself getting what you want.

Remember that your affirmations should be realistic. High goals like, ’My hair is growing an inch every day’ may be subconsciously rejected by your mind and therefore you will not see results. Start slowly then. Start by setting small goals like, “I have soft hair.”

Don’t just limit your affirmations to your hair. Try to incorporate them into your daily life. As you learn how to think in a positive manner while being realistic of any goals you’ve set by affirmation, you will be on your way to a content and happy life.

As the Buddha said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

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