Beautiful, Braided Low Bun is an Elegant Style that’s Easy to Create

Beautiful, Braided Low Bun is an Elegant Style that’s Easy to Create

This gorgeous, double braided bun is an elegant way to put your hair up for the day or evening. You will need a small supply of pins and a few elastics to keep the style in place.
Begin by sectioning the hair into four parts. On the side, keep the sections smaller and secure them with elastics near the top and pull them forward to keep them out of the way. The two larger sections will be for the main part of the bun in the back. Starting at the nape of your neck, complete two even braids down your back. Secure them both with elastics when completed. Through each section of the braid, pull on the hair a bit to encourage a fuller look that will give the bun more volume.



When the two large braids are ready, you will take them both and incorporate them into a bun. Twisting them together, take one section around the other until the bun is formed. Secure the two sections to your head with discreet pins, placing a few within the bun for extra security and making sure to hide the ends of the braids.

Now, on to the two small sections in the front. Remove the elastics and begin to braid each of these sections. As you complete the braid, bring it back, over and around the bun for each side and after wrapping it, secure the ends under and into the braid.

This style will look elegant as is, or you can feel free to adorn it with a scarf or tie to add a romantic flair to the finished style.

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