Benefits of Juicing and How it Keeps Us and Our Hair Healthy

Benefits of Juicing and How it Keeps Us and Our Hair Healthy

Health and nutrition experts have long recommend that people get at least 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day in their diet. Most cannot get anywhere near this these days so there is a gap that needs to be filled and juicing can help get the fruit and vegetable count up. Many people are in the same situation and struggle to eat healthy day in and day out. We all struggle getting enough fruits and veggies in our diets, so how does juicing help us? Here are 5 ways juicing helps us:

It helps boost the levels of good bacteria to the stomach
As much as one third of the human immune system is found within the digestive track – the stomach and intestines mainly. Many medical studies have shown that having good gut health, including an abundance of good bacteria, helps boost overall health and wellness. Even Hippocrates said 2000 years ago that “All disease begins in the gut” and we have proven that to be true thanks to modern medicine. What does juicing have to do with this? Many fruits and vegetables help boost the levels of good probiotic bacteria so by juicing you help keep your gut health in check and help boost your overall immune system.

It helps improve hair and skin
The vitamins, nutrients, and minerals found in fresh raw fruits and vegetables are very good for your skin and your hair. These are the building blocks hair and skin cells and with high levels available the cells can grow and regenerate faster – leaving you with smoother skin and softer longer hair. Your skin will be healthier and younger looking and your hair will be stronger and more lush. Juicing allows you to get a good boost in nutrients that can go right to the cells to speed production and increase vitality. Taken daily, and on an empty stomach, you can keep your skin and hair healthy and beautiful!

It helps lower high cholesterol
The influx of vitamins and minerals you get from daily juicing can help you manage your cholesterol levels. Lowering your cholesterol involves more than just juicing though because a total lifestyle change is needed and you will have to remove all saturated fats from your diet in order to fully lower and manage your cholesterol. Juicing helps you get enough vegetables and nutrients that can go a long way in helping lower cholesterol. Juicing allows you to get the equivalent of a pound of apples or a while head of kale in one easy and delicious drink. So adding some juicing to your daily diet can help you fight high cholesterol levels when pared with good lifestyle and diet choices.

It detoxifies and remove toxins
Our lives have gotten faster and busier than ever before – so fast paced in fact that sadly we hardly have time to cook meals that are healthy and rely on fast food and pre-packed meals most of the time. This does not give our bodies the nutrients we need and we get sick as a result. Add this to the stress of a fast paced high pressure way of living, and you can see were the need for a detox may come into play. Detoxing rids the body of toxins that accumulate over time because of poor diet choices, lack of exercise and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. Juicing allows us to flush our bodies and remove these toxins and replace them with vitamin and nutrient rich foods that help keep our bodies functioning as they should!

It helps lower blood sugar levels
Another sad reality that has come from our face paced and less health-focused way of life today is the spread of diseases. Among the most serious and most common, diabetes and worst of all. According to around 26 million Americans have and an estimated 79 million have pre-diabetes! That number truly should be a wake up call that says the way we are eating is wrong! Fortunately by adding in more fresh fruits and vegetables you can boost your body’s natural systems and sugar levels and juicing allows you to consume the very best in fruits and vegetables each and every day. You have nothing to lose and a world of health and beautiful, long, Sensual Hair to gain from juicing!

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