Braided Mohawk in Just a Few, Easy Steps

Braided Mohawk in Just a Few, Easy Steps

This look is fun and easy to create. One of the most important things to skip is the teasing of your hair. While it may seem like an easy way to get more height and volume, it will cause damage and breakage to your hair. It’s better to skip teasing all together when creating your hairstyles.

Begin by sectioning off your hair. Take a section for the top and secure off with a tie or clip. Create another section in the back and two small sections on the side for the braids that will go along the side of your head.

Skipping the teasing part, bring the top portion towards the back in a thick braid and incorporate the back section by starting a thick French style braid down the back of your head. Finish the braid at the bottom, tuck and secure with a pin.

Now it’s time to braid the side sections. Begin the braid at your ears and braid until both meet in the back. Hide the ends by securing in the thicker French braid with discreet pins. You can use a bit of natural spray to keep the style in place and retain the volume without the damage of teasing.


Braided Mohawk in Just a Few, Easy Steps

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