Bring Glamour Back with a Fun Retro Hairstyle

Bring Glamour Back with a Fun Retro Hairstyle

There’s nothing quite as fun as fixing your hair in a style that reminds you of the unique styles of the past. Adding in these easy to style looks for your next outing will bring on the compliments.

You will be surprised how easy this style is to create. Begin by making a side part and brushing your hair out smooth and straight. Grab the long side of the part by the side and pull up high and hold. Next, take a comb and use the long tail as a tool to wind your hair up into a twist until the whole portion of hair is wound almost to your head. Don’t make it too tight, as you will use a pin to pull the section back just a bit and pin into place.

Leaving the other side to fall naturally, this style looks like it took a lot of preparation, but only you will know how easy it was to create.


Bring Glamour Back with a Fun Retro Hairstyle

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