Classic Low Side Bun

Classic Low Side Bun

Two characteristics normally associated with the low side bun are grace and beauty. The classic low side bun fits those descriptions perfectly. A stunning look is presented as you establish a style that matches an exquisite personality. Learn more about how you can craft a classic low side bun.

Start by having all of your hair pushed to one side of your head. Pull your hair into a low side ponytail. Create a hole at the top of your ponytail so that all of your hair can fit through it. Now, pull your ponytail through the hole you have created with your hair. Wrap the hair around in a circular motion. Use bobby pins to secure the hair in various places. You can tighten or loosen strands of hair to create an individualized look. To tighten areas or to create loops in your hair, just pull strands in specific directions. Bobby pins and natural hairspray can help to secure hair in place.

The versatility of the classic low side bun allows it to be worn with various types of clothing styles. Put on your high heels and favorite maxi dress when you style your tresses in this amazing bun. Party dresses also pair well with this side hairdo. Sailor pants and a button-up dress shirt match the vibe of this hairstyle.

As you and your friends have a wonderful night on the town, this side bun will help convey a softer side of your personality. When you attend various formal events, this up-do is sure to be in fashion. A dinner at your favorite fancy restaurant matches the vibe of this classic style.

Classic Low Side Bun

As you grace each event, your hairstyle will turn heads and have people asking where you had your hair done. Being able to style your long hair into a world class low side bun is a wonderful trait to have.

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