Cleaning and Styling Your Hair – Dos and Don’ts

Cleaning and Styling Your Hair – Dos and Don’ts

Cleaning and Styling Your Hair: Don’ts
If you wash your hair every day, you strip it of its natural oils. If you brush your hair while it’s wet, this will inevitably lead to breakage. If you dye your hair, blow dry it or use heat products on it, your hair will become dull and the natural moisture in head and scalp will diminish. (If you need to dye your hair, look for natural alternatives. These include tea, henna and lemon juice.) To preserve the healthiness of your hair, use a straightener or a curling iron only on occasion, or do without altogether. If you really want to straighten or curl your hair, try not to overheat the hair.

If you towel dry, know that this method is bad for your hair. Your hair strands will pull apart and become frizzy. Towel drying also robs your hair of its natural moisture. Instead, use a lightweight cotton T-shirt. It soaks up just some of the moisture.

Remember to cut or trim your hair. When you trim regularly, your hair won’t split or look frayed, and will end up looking very healthy. If you don’t trim, this will lead to breakage. If you are trying to grow long hair, this is actually the best time to trim. Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips is a trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in New York City. She’s been studying hair and scalp health for over 22 years, and says: “It can be easy to skip haircuts when the only goal in sight is long hair, but this is when we should actually be on top of it. Many people make the classic mistake of forgoing trims because they are growing their hair longer. This is in fact the time to be most attentive to the care of the hair, and that should include a trim every six to eight weeks.” I suggest even longer periods of time between trims and cuts only if you really take care of your ends. I will write a separate article on this subject.

Avoid styling products, which can contain harmful chemicals. Your hair might look more attractive using store-bought products, but in the long term it will become damaged. Your hair will thank you and its naturalness will shine through and you won’t be clogging your scalp of unnatural materials.

Cleaning and Styling Your Hair: Dos

  • Let your hair air dry to avoid breakage.
  • Wash only every other day or every four days. I was my hair twice per week.
  • Every other week, use a coconut oil hair mask.
  • Argan oil or coconut oil – use it to nourish dry ends, right after you wash your hair, to preserve the moisture too.
  • Eat healthy, drink a lot of water and exercise. All these things can affect the way your hair looks and feels.

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