Create a Beautiful Medieval Braid

Create a Beautiful Medieval Braid

There are many different styles of braids to choose from for your next style, but the Medieval braid is a very unique, head-turning style. With side braids starting at the top, meeting at the middle and down your back, this hairstyle only looks complex. This easy to follow tutorial will give you the quick and easy steps to master this style in no time.

Begin by leaving side-swept bangs and begin a braid at one side of your head, near the top. Continue until the braid is complete. Create another braid at the other side of your head and braid until it meets the other. Gathering these two braids, combine them and allow the braid to develop down the back of your head. When it is finished, place a small, temporary elastic to hold this in place.

Starting again at the side of your head, create two more side braids that will meet the main braid in the middle. When all four braids have met in the middle of the back of your head, you can now remove the temporary elastic. Leaving a small bit of hair to fall on either side of the braiding, continue a main braid down your back, finishing the braid and securing it with a discreet elastic. The braid should fall down the middle, with a moderate cascade of unbraided hair to the sides.

Now, take the bangs that you kept in the beginning and gather them into an upsweep and bring to where your braids begin on your crown. Secure the hair with pins and you will have a complete and polished all-over look.



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