Create a Unique Upside-Down French Braid Bun

Create a Unique Upside-Down French Braid Bun

The French Braid is certainly a classic when it comes to hair styles. Always elegant and perfect for so many occasions. However, have you ever tried an upside-down French Braid? You will love how this classic look has been twisted into a new and unique way to style your hair. This style is very classy looking and will certainly turn heads.

Starting with clean, dry hair, turn your head (and your hair!) upside-down. Making sure to begin the braid with three sections from the bottom, two from the sides and one from the middle. Begin working the braid, continuing to include all the hair from the sides and middle as you continue up the back of your head.



Once you reach the crown of your head, you can use an elastic tie to hold everything in place, creating an upside-down ponytail. This will be the base for your bun. When you are ready to begin the bun, you can either twist the hair into a neat round bun and pin to your head or twist the loose ends together and create a messy knot that you can also pin to keep it neat and held together nicely. Be sure to tame any strays with well-hidden pins.

Whether you choose a neat bun or messy knot for the finish, this hairstyle is a unique creation that will have you receiving many compliments.

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