Cute and Charming Low Bun

Cute and Charming Low Bun

Rocking a cute low bun is a great way to style your hair in an elegant, charming way. The bun has many diversified styles these days and more modern looks are being showcased. To communicate a softer, more feminine appeal, this cute low bun is an excellent hairdo to wear. The following steps can help you achieve a look of sophistication.

  1. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail. Be sure your bangs are swept to one side and left out of the ponytail.
  2. Begin to wrap thick strands of hair from ponytail around the elastic ponytail holder. Use bobby pins to keep hair in place.
  3. Now, the majority of your hair from the ponytail should be wrapped around the elastic ponytail holder.
  4. Leave thicker, fuller strands of hair out of the bun you are making. These strands of hair will complete your look.
  5. Wrap the remaining strands of hair under the elastic ponytail holder. Use bobby pins to keep the hair in place.
  6. Use a hair comb to sweep back your bangs to be included in the bun.
  7. Sweep back you bangs under and around the bun. Use bobby pins as necessary.
  8. After putting bobby pins throughout your hair, use a natural hairspray to hold your hairdo in place.

Cute and Charming Low Bun

Various styles of clothing match this cute up-do. Both long gowns and cocktail dresses are able to be worn with this hairstyle. This particular hairdo is a more romantic style and you can get dolled up as you wear this style. Professional dresses can also be worn with this up-do.

As you attend your next dinner party, try wearing this hairstyle to bring a sense of charm to the event. Perhaps you are going to a formal occasion such as an anniversary party, and this hairdo is perfect to wear. This up-do is also appropriate to wear around the office.

You are able to create looks that fit any occasion with the variety of styles that the bun now comes in. Voluminous hair can be crafted into a cute low bun to convey a sense of dignity. Hold your head high as you wear a marvelous hairstyle.

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