Decadent Raw Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream is a Treat for You and your Hair

Decadent Raw Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream is a Treat for You and your Hair

You already know how delicious strawberries and bananas are together, but did you know they both have proven benefits for improving your hair? Strawberries are extremely beneficial for your hair in several ways. The rewards for your hair include helping rid your scalp of dandruff as well as giving you silky, shiny, and smooth hair. Packing a high potassium content, nutrition experts agree that a lack of potassium that could lead to hair loss can easily be avoided by incorporating bananas into your diet.

Fortunately, there is a delicious and easy recipe I have created for raw strawberry and banana ice cream that will incorporate these two hair nourishing foods into your diet that will result in great improvement to your hair.

Using your blender, take 15 ripe, delicious strawberries and process them in your blender. Add in 2 ripe bananas, along with 4 tablespoons of coconut oil that has been melted gently in a bain-marie. Lastly, add in 2 tablespoons of honey, or an amount to your taste. When your blender has processed all the ingredients into a smooth, creamy consistency, place the mixture into a glass bowl.

Put the bowl into your freezer, but keep an eye on it so that it does not freeze and harden too much. You will be rewarded with a delicious, creamy delight that you will make again and again. When you see how much benefit this delicious treat affects the shine and health of your hair, it will become one of your favorite recipes.


If you want to try a few variations on this refreshing treat, try using different fruits and experiment with new flavors. Maybe you can add some cherries or other berries in season or even citrus for a tangy delight.

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