Delicious Raw Cacao Balls for On the Go Hair Health

Delicious Raw Cacao Balls for On the Go Hair Health

These easy to make and portable snacks will be a go-to favorite for taking to work or along during your next hike. They will quickly become a favorite snack once you taste them and learn about the ways their nutritious ingredients enhance your hair. Rich, flavorful cacao contains many beneficial minerals to encourage strong, healthy hair and it possesses anti-inflammatory properties that prevent infection and ensure a healthy scalp. Coconut oil and raw honey will impart beautiful shine to your hair as well.

To make the recipe, you will need 70 grams (or 2.5 ounces) of raw hazelnuts that you have soaked overnight, 5 tablespoons of raw cacao, 4 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil, cinnamon and raw honey to your taste.

First, grind the hazelnuts a little using your blender. Separately, mix the cacao, cinnamon and coconut oil well until smooth, add in the honey to your desired sweetness and then add the ground hazelnuts. Knead the mixture like a dough. To make the balls, take a little bit of the mixture and roll in your hands into a ball and roll through fresh coconut flakes. After you have used up all of the mixture, place the finished confections in the fridge for several hours.

Delicious Raw Cacao Balls for On the Go Hair Health

Now they are ready to pack for your next outing or to have on the side as a tasty snack at work.

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