Double Rope Braid Bun

Double Rope Braid Bun

Creative hairstyles are being worn everywhere you go. The bun is a popular hairdo that actually has a variety of innovative styles. The classic bun can now be worn in various hairstyles that match your personality. The double rope braid bun is one such style that adds more volume and texture to the classic bun. Basically, two rope braids create an ultra-chic look.

  • Have your hair in two ponytails using thin ponytail holders, which blend in better with your hair. Make sure the ponytail holders are as close to your hair color as possible.
  • Both ponytails need to be woven into a rope braid, which is just two pieces of hair twisted around each other. Tie the rope braids at the ends with clear, elastic ponytail holders.
  • Use your fingers to loosen up the rope braids. This provides more texture in the braid and creates more volume in the bun. If strands of your hair are falling out, twist the strands back into the braid and use a natural hairspray to keep the hair in place.
  • Take the rope braid on the back right and lay it up and over going counterclockwise. Secure the braid with bobby pins as you go.
  • Now, tuck the tail of the right braid under the bottom of the other braid. The tail of the right braid should now be concealed.
  • Then, bring the tail of the left braid counter clockwise, coiling the braid into the center. Basically, you are making a snail shape. Make sure you use bobby pins as you go.
  • Use a mirror to check the back to see if you need to loosen up any strands of hair to make the bun fuller. You might need to add bobby pins to tighten certain areas. To secure fly-aways, use a natural hairspray.

Double Rope Braid Bun

Now, what do you wear with this simply chic hairstyle? Cocktail dresses for dinner parties are a wonderful match. If you are going to an ultra-formal event, an evening gown would be suitable for this elegant up-do. Dress pants and a button-up shirt worn to the office with this hairstyle is appropriate.

If you are meeting your friends for lunch or dinner, this is the perfect hairstyle for such an event. Perhaps you are visiting the park for an afternoon walk, and this hairdo provides an easygoing flow. The office or formal events are also wonderful places to wear this style.

As you wear the double rope braid bun, a sense of elegance and grace is exuded. By creating such an innovative hairstyle, you are helping the world of hair move forward. The bun can be a wonderful hairdo to add to your styling options.

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