Easy and Nutritious Hummus Recipe for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Easy and Nutritious Hummus Recipe for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Hummus is a creamy and delicious spread or dip which has many health benefits. The tahini is a strong source of iron, zinc, and calcium. These minerals will promote the growth and retention of strong, healthy hair. Chickpeas are also of immense benefit to the hair. They are rich in protein, zinc and Vitamin B6, the building blocks for the protein in hair follicles. If you keep these vital nutrients in your diet, you will be less prone to hair loss caused by dandruff. So, with these great benefits to your hair in mind, let’s get to the recipe.

There are many different types of tahini. While I do not like most tahini, my advice is to try a few brands in order to find one you really like. It will add to your enjoyment of the hummus. Also, when blending, using a classic blender requires more liquid for processing due to the mixture sticking to the walls. This can cause the hummus to turn out with more liquid than desired. Using a vertical blender with the chopping bowl uses less liquid and produces a yummy and creamy mixture.

You will need to gather the following nutritious ingredients to get started: 125 grams (or 4.4 ounces) of chickpeas, 3 tablespoons of tahini, 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, the juice from ½ of a lemon, approximately 3-4 garlic cloves, Himalayan or sea salt to your taste.

To prepare the chickpeas for the hummus, you will need to soak them overnight and then boil them. Allow about 1.5 hours for the chickpeas to boil. Retain a small amount of the water in which the chickpeas were boiled to use if needed during processing.

In your blender, place the chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, salt, lemon juice and garlic cloves and process. Add the reserved water only as much as is needed to make the mixture smooth and creamy. When you are finished, transfer the hummus to a glass or porcelain bowl. Try to avoid using plastic. At this time, feel free to add olive oil, sprinkle some sweet or smoked paprika overtop the hummus and any other condiments you desire.


Hummus is such a versatile spread and can be used as a dip or spread onto sliced vegetables of every variety. What a delicious way to nourish your hair and enjoy a healthy and delicious treat all at once.

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