Easy Waterfall Braid for your Hair

Easy Waterfall Braid for your Hair

The waterfall braid is a stylish way to leave your hair down and have a unique braid accent included. Many people are intimidated by the waterfall braid and think that it’s too complicated. That is no longer the case when you follow this easy tutorial to get you started.

Beginning with clean, brushed hair with a part on top, gather two handfuls to begin the braid. When you have placed one section over the other, take a section behind the braid a bit and above and let it fall into the braid. You don’t use that section to braid, but let it “fall” into the braid, hence the name of this unique technique. As you go back along the side of your head, continue to layer one section over the top and gather another section to fall into the braid.

Once you have finished layering throughout the side, turn the waterfall braid into a small, regular braid after that last section of the waterfall effect is added and finish it. Secure the braid with an elastic and double pin the braid in a hidden fashion and allow your hair on the other, unbraided side to fall over the secured braid to hide it.


This lovely style will stay secure all day and is an elegant style for many occasions. It also works with many outfits and seasons as well.

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