Eating Seaweed Promotes Gorgeous Hair

Eating Seaweed Promotes Gorgeous Hair

Just as plants are sustained by soil and water, your hair is nurtured by your scalp and blood supply. Strands of hair are similar to the structure of a plant stem. Tresses depend on the quality of the medium in which they grow, just as vegetation does.

Your Hair Falls Out First

It is important to note your body nourishes your tresses last of all, therefore causing your hair to fall out first. The root of your hair is the only living part of your locks. The former nourishment pattern is reflected in the hairs above the roots. Your body uses the nutrients it receives to sustain essential organs and tissues first. Your tresses are only nourished if there is a surplus of nutrients and minerals.

Dining on Sea Vegetables

Dandruff flakes are oil and protein clumped together caused by a high consumption of saturated fats and proteins found in animal foods. Fried foods, especially, are high in both saturated fats and proteins. If you stop eating meat, dandruff is reduced and often prevented. A diet high in sea vegetables promotes healthy, thick tresses while eliminating dandruff.

Seaweed contains sodium alginate, which binds with heavy metals and chemical poisons, flushing them from your body. The iodine in sea vegetables nourishes the endocrine system and keeps the thyroid functioning normally. Seaweed contains an abundance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, carotenes, and chlorophyll to strengthen your locks. A shortage of minerals, high salt, or too much meat can cause brittle hair. Restore your tresses to their natural shine by maintaining a plant-based foods diet.

By incorporating seaweed into your diet, you will receive health and beauty benefits. Kelp, wakame, arame, dulse, and nori are high in protein and low in fat. Sea vegetables contain a plethora of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and iodine. These vegetables are a better source of calcium than milk.

Restoring Your Natural Hair Color

As one ages, gray and thinning hair often occur as the cells that are supposed to produce melanin have died. Hormonal imbalances and toxic waste buildup in the system contribute to the decay of cells. Gray hair is caused by a high consumption of saturated fats, protein, and salt. The intake of simple sugars can weaken the nutrients that need to reach your tresses causing gray hair to appear.

People who have been on a raw foods diet have seen their tresses restored to their natural color. Preventing gray hairs from forming or reversing the process can be achieved through incorporating sea vegetables into your diet. A plant-based diet also ensures an abundant head of hair.

Drinking wheatgrass and washing your hair with it can reduce gray hairs from forming. The nutrients penetrate your hair follicles and stimulate the growth of new pigment producing cells. It may take time for your natural hair color to shine through as you move to a raw foods diet; however, artificial coloring is carcinogenic.

As you dine on delicious vegetables from the sea, your tresses will grow stronger and thicker. Beautiful, shiny hair can be yours once again by adding seaweed to your daily diet.

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