Flower Braid Up-Do

Flower Braid Up-Do

A hairstyle that inspires your creative juices, the flower up-do is a soft, feminine approach to braiding your hair. Highlight all the best features of your hair and face with a hairdo that is fit for a princess.

The following hairstyling tools are needed to create the flower braid up-do: paddle brush, four clear elastic bands, 12-14 bobby pins, and natural hairspray. As you read through the following steps to craft this innovative hairdo, your innovation will shine.

  1. Separate your hair into four vertical sections. One section on the right and left sides of your head and two sections in the back. Braid the two sections in the back into a regular braid and tie each one with a clear, elastic band.
  2. Braid the section of hair on the right into a regular braid and tie the end with an elastic band. Carefully pull on the edges of the braid to make it flat and wide.
  3. Braid the section of hair on the left into a French braid until it comes to your left ear. Braid the rest of the left section into a regular braid. Tie the braid with an elastic band and make sure the braid is as wide and flat as the other braid.
  4. Start to work with the two braids in the back. Take the braid on the right and wrap it upwards. Spiral it clock-wise into a bun. The end of the braid, along with the elastic, needs to wrap into the center.
  5. To keep the edges of the braid secure, use bobby pins. The braid should feel snug against your head so use as many bobby pins as you need to.
  6. Wrap the remaining braid counter-clockwise around the outer edge of the bun you created in the previous two steps.
  7. Use bobby pins to secure the edges.
  8. Taking the braid from the left side, wrap it over the top of the bun. Then, around the left side.
  9. Tuck the end of the braid under the bun and secure it with bobby pins.
  10. Wrap the braid around the right side and use bobby pins to secure it underneath the bun.
  11. Use a natural hairspray to ensure a firm hold and smooth over fly-aways.

Flower Braid Up-Do

Pair this fancy up-do with an evening gown or party dress as you exude your sophisticated fashion. Maxi dresses also match the charm of this hairdo. Wearing dress pants and a button-up suit creates a well-balanced look. Professional dresses work well with this dignified hairstyle.

This dressy up-do can be worn for a night out or to a formal event. Celebrations for friends and family are a wonderful place to don this hairstyle. You can even wear this hairdo to the workplace.

By creating this distinct up-do, you are transforming your tresses into a work of art. The flower braid up-do is an excellent hairstyle to wear for all occasions or just to jazz up your locks.

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