Gorgeous High Crown Braid Tutorial

Gorgeous High Crown Braid Tutorial

Enjoy the many compliments you will receive when you wear your hair in this unforgettable style. Beautiful from every angle, this braid is perfect for every occasion, from a day by the shore or a formal evening in your finest dress.

Begin by grabbing a section of hair from the front right side of your head and two more pieces from the middle and top of your head. Braid these pieces and continue braiding in sections across the front of your head, adding each new front piece to the existing braid.

Once you have completed pulling all of the hair from the front into a braid, you will have completed most of a circle, ending in the middle of the back of your hair. Next, take the end of the first braid and begin to braid the rest of your hair all the way down to the end, until you are left with one long braid. Using the finished braid, wind it around your head in a circular motion, forming a semi-tight circle and tuck the small end of the finished braid discreetly inside and under, using pins to keep it secure. Also use a few pins around the braid underneath to ensure the style stays in place.

This style is perfect alone or with a decorative pin.

Gorgeous High Crown Braid Tutorial

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