Hairstyles to Catch your Crush

Hairstyles to Catch your Crush

You know there are several ways to a man’s heart, but before you start having fun, you need to catch his attention. Putting on your best outfit, showing off your best smile are great to start, but did you know that there are several ways to style your hair that will really make him turn his head?

When you have a head full of gorgeous curls to work with, sometimes you feel like you need a new option to show off a fresh new look. However, there are plenty of ideas you can try, but you will find them to be easy to learn and they will turn your locks into head-turning styles that will grab his attention and are fun to wear.

Loose, Scrunchy Waves
Guys love touchable, soft hair, especially when it’s wavy. If you take the time to put your hair into loose braids at the end of the day, by morning you will have an easy to style beach wave to your hair. Just take some spray that’s infused with salt water and use your hands to scrunch the waves for an all-day style that will look great.

Layered Perfection
Having your hair cut and styled into long layers gives your hair a full look that will allow your curls to stand out and get noticed. He will love the way your curls look when you combine the long-layered look with added highlights. Don’t be surprised if he wants to run his hands through your hair when he gets closer to get a better look.

Swept Away Bangs
Having long bangs is another easy way to add a bit of mystery to your hair style. Sweeping your bangs to the side while they occasionally cover your eyes will give you an excuse to push them back. This flirtatious move is a great way to get his attention. Don’t forget to make sure to flash him your smile for an extra flirty move to compliment your swept away bangs that are sure to get his attention.

Healthy Shiny Hair
If you want to get noticed for all the wrong reasons, sporting unattractive, greasy hair is a sure thing. No one wants to see dirty and unclean hair. Freshly washed, shiny hair is an attention grabber. Even if you have had some processing done and your hair is dry, there are plenty of products on the market to help you with this. There are creams, oils and other leave-in treatments that go a long way to make your hair appear healthy and fresh looking. Many of these products also add a fragrant scent that is sure to add another reason to get close to you.

Waterfall Braids
Beautiful smoothed hair that has been woven into a waterfall braid is such an eye-catching choice for you. Whether you choose a side swept braid or a horizontal one, once you master this technique, it will become a favorite for you. It is very feminine looking and sure to get noticed. If you have any frizz in your hair, be sure to make it smooth before beginning for a polished look.

Bed Head
Don’t dismiss the just woke up look too soon. Guys love hair that looks like you’ve just woken up. You can achieve this look with fresh, clean hair in no time. This look will make the guys think of fun nights cuddling up with you. Rinse your hair with orange juice mixted with water (1 part juice – 3 or 4 parts water). It will add volume to your hair. Also, wash you hair in the evening and let it dry during your sleep. I love how my hair looks in the morning.

Three Cheers for the Ponytail
One of the simplest styles out there is a surprising winner when it comes to catching a guy’s attention. Men are sure to love the cheerleader style of ponytail. Brush your hair into a high ponytail. Make sure when you are making the ponytail not to make it too tight or smooth. Keep it loose and playful with a bit of soft wisps around it to make sure it gets you noticed.

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