Herbal Infusions for Long-Lasting Hair Benefits

Herbal Infusions for Long-Lasting Hair Benefits

When you are looking for a solution for problems with your hair, all too often you reach for the remedies on the store shelves. These products are often filled with harsh chemicals that irritate the scalp and dry out the hair, causing the scalp to produce more oil and creating an even bigger problem. This keeps you using the products over and over again in order to try and get the problems under control. There is a better way.

Herbal infusions are all natural ways to circumvent the harsh chemicals in commercial products and provide restorative benefits and healing mixtures to your scalp and hair. By determining which hair or scalp issue you need a remedy for, there are many solutions to try that are easy to make and use.

A herbal infusion is a concentrated tea. By taking medicinal plants and steeping them in hot water for about twenty minutes, you will create a rich and effective infusion. Another way to create a tea is by way of decoction (boiling plants for 20-30 minutes). When treating the hair and scalp, herbal infusions are a better choice. Whichever remedy you create, be sure to allow the infusions to cool and use on the hair and scalp for long-lasting results.

If you are seeking shiny hair, create an herbal infusion of rosemary, arnica, nettle and parsley. This rinse will provide your hair with incredible shine. To stimulate the scalp, resulting in hair growth, an infusion of nettle, peach leaves, sage, young ferns, lavender, basil and rosemary applied to the scalp will provide you with effective results.

One of the biggest issues with commercial anti-dandruff shampoos is that they only provide temporary relief. Once the harsh chemicals remove the dandruff, along with beneficial scalp oils, more oil will be produced, only increasing the problem. Restore balance naturally to your scalp with willow bark, comfrey root and leaves, nettle, mint and quassia. An infusion of these herbs will control dandruff and increase scalp health to keep a dandruff problem under control.

When seeking a natural herbal solution to help tone and condition the scalp, gathering the right herbs will produce a daily rinse that will yield healthy hair and a clean, toned scalp. Create an infusion of rosemary, horsetail, sage, lemongrass, basil, lavender, black cherry bark, yarrow, nettle, ragweed, burdock and parsnip samnata.

An oily scalp will lead to oily hair that looks greasy. A fresh herbal infusion made from peppermint, willow bark, yarrow, lemon peel, quassia and lemongrass will remove excess oil from the scalp without over drying and leave your hair looking healthy and grease free.

Dry hair looks brittle and unhealthy. Instead of chemical laden conditioners that weigh down your hair and provide no nourishment, an infusion of burdock, clover, aloe, acacia, clove, shock, primrose, comfrey, orange peel and orange blossom will add natural and organic compounds that moisturize and restore a rich, healthy glow to your hair and scalp.

Creating an herbal infusion for daily cleansing is as simple as combining aloe, yarrow, quassia and young fern. This can be used daily or as often as you shampoo to produce superior, natural cleansing. If you are looking to comfort and heal, cleanse with an infusion of aloe, fennel and chamomile for those times when your hair and scalp needs a soothing cleanse.

These plants have been made available to us for many reasons and using them to invigorate, heal and nourish the scalp is a wonderful opportunity. There is no need to purchase synthetic products full of noxious chemicals that are not necessary. Once you begin using herbal infusions and see the beautiful results, you will have no need for anything else to ensure the beauty and health of your hair and scalp.

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