Herbal Waters for Beautiful Hair

Herbal Waters for Beautiful Hair

With today’s easy convenience of grabbing hair products off the shelf, we have forgotten the amazing benefits of using natural remedies that have been used for ages to rejuvenate and treat the scalp and hair. Once you change your regular hair and scalp treatments to these organic and herbal remedies, you will reap the rewards of these effective herbal waters with healthy, strong hair.

Burdock Root Water
If you are suffering from dandruff on your scalp, there is a very effective herbal treatment you can easily prepare at home and use to eliminate the flakes from your scalp and restore health and vitality. To make the rinse, take a heaping teaspoon of burdock root and infuse into hot water, making a strong tea. The longer you allow the root to infuse into the water, the stronger and more effective the mixture will be. Next, add in about 20 grams of nettle tincture, 40 grams of witch hazel and just a few drops of rosemary oil.

After you have thoroughly mixed the ingredients, you can begin a daily treatment that will sooth even the most sensitive scalp and get to work on removing dandruff. Using your fingers, gently massage your scalp and work the mixture into every part of your head. You will feel refreshed and benefit from the disinfecting effects as any excess secretions from the sebaceous glands are thoroughly removed. After using this treatment daily, you will soon see amazing results and your dandruff will no longer be a problem.

Nettle Hair Water
Another superb treatment for a healthy scalp can be found with the soothing benefits of nettle hair water. Nourish your scalp and allow this daily massaging mixture to rejuvenate your scalp. Start off with 50 grams of nettle tincture. Next, add in 20 grams of calendula tincture, 20 grams of burdock rhizome tincture, 100 grams of witch hazel and 20 drops of rich, fragrant rosemary oil. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and shake well before application.

It works wonders as a daily tonic. The nettle hair water will improve and stimulate blood circulation and also cleanse the scalp. You will notice that while providing superior results, it won’t degrease the skin too much. Apply this natural remedy to your scalp on a regular basis to see long-lasting results.

Hair herbal water
While many of us can use either of the two herbal waters mentioned so far, there are some of us who deal with hair loss, an itchy scalp or even an oily scalp. The following herbal water is an effective treatment that will help relieve these conditions and even provide relief from dandruff.

Using 20 grams of arnica montana tincture, 20 grams of birch tincture and 10 grams of burdock root tincture, mix all three together and dissolve 5 drops of lemon balm oil to the mixed ingredients. When thoroughly mixed, complete the herbal water by adding 60 grams of witch hazel and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

There are many benefits to this mixture, which contains a wide variety of vegetal active substances that will provide soothing and healing results to the scalp and hair. Making sure not to allow the mixture to get into your eyes, massage this herbal water daily into the scalp. Its cleansing and disinfecting properties will stimulate blood flow and tame undesirable issues of oiliness, itching and prevent your hair from falling out. If you use this beneficial, natural remedy on a regular basis, you will be rewarded with a healthy scalp.

There is no need to use commercially available products that are full of chemicals and irritating ingredients. These natural and organic solutions are easy to mix and use daily to reap amazing benefits for a beautiful scalp and strong, healthy hair. Find out more information about natural remedies for hair by subscribing to my newsletter.

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