How Coconut Oil Can Be Used to Treat Hair Ailments

How Coconut Oil Can Be Used to Treat Hair Ailments

If you followed my blog, you know that I am a fan of natural remedies because they provide lasting benefits in treating and maintaining beautiful, healthy hair. A particular natural treatment that has become quite popular is coconut oil. This miracle oil can be used to heal ailments that often plague your gorgeous tresses.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Inside coconut oil is a high level of vitamin E known to improve the blood circulation in your scalp promoting the growth of well-balanced hair. Roots are strengthened leading to more nourished hair follicles.

Lauric and capric acid have antimicrobial abilities, and coconut oil is a carrier of these acids. The two acids work together to prevent dandruff and scalp infections. Any hair products that have built up over time are removed by the fatty acids in this wondrous oil.

Many applications can be used to enrich the volume and health of your hair. The healing capabilities of coconut oil are many.

Deep Conditioning and Rinse

The smaller medium chain fatty acids in this great liquid are able to deeply penetrate hair faster than other conditioners. A leave-in hair treatment to repair split-ends, increase scalp moisture, and restore a nice glow to your locks has been created for you. The following steps will guide you to a deeper conditioning experience.

The longer coconut oil is left in your hair, the more effective the results. Make sure you carve out an hour or two for this method. The materials you will need are a comb, shower cap, and a jar of organic virgin coconut oil.

Begin by washing your hair with a natural shampoo and let it air dry. Gently massage coconut oil into your hair. A comb can be used to work the cure through your hair. Wrap your hair in a shower cap and allow the coconut liquid to soak in for thirty or more minutes. Use an organic shampoo to rinse out.

Leave-In All Day Treatment

When coconut oil is left in your hair and on your scalp all day, tangles are removed and your tresses are protected from sun damage. You have a natural sunscreen with you wherever you go.

Coconut oil is a great way to help detangle long or curly hair and it does not leave any residue behind. Use this amazing treatment to detangle your hair before you brush or style it.

Carefully massage it into the ends of your hair and work towards your roots. Work through tangles slowly with your comb. Allow the liquid to soak in and then style your hair as usual. You do not need to rinse or shampoo your hair after this method. Let the nourishing effects and sun protection last all day.

Leave-In All Night Treatment

Leaving coconut oil in your hair throughout the night removes dandruff and helps your hair grow quicker.

The vitamins and fatty acids in this splendid remedy help your hair grow faster, longer, and thicker. Sebum built up over the years is removed from hair follicles for a cleansing experience.

The harsh chemicals that many haircare products contain cause flaky dandruff that itches all the time. Start to remove and prevent dandruff by following these steps.

At night, wash your hair with a natural shampoo and conditioner. Softly massage coconut oil into your scalp.

Wrap your hair and head with a towel and leave the oil on your scalp overnight. In the morning, an Epsom salt formula can be used to remove any excess skin cells from your scalp.

Hair Coloring Base

All natural hair coloring combined with coconut oil is a wonderful way to bring vibrant, shiny color to your hair.

Materials needed to ensure your color does not fade are a shower cap, a comb, two bowls of different sizes, a container for mixing, coloring herbs, and virgin coconut oil. Scoop a few spoonfuls of coconut oil into the smaller bowl and place in the larger bowl. Hot water fills the larger bowl to partially submerge the smaller bowl. When the coconut oil melts, mix it with your coloring herbs and apply to your hair. When the color sets, rinse hair with lukewarm water to remove excess oil and colorant. Put a shower cap on and leave on overnight for maximum color.

The advantages of using a natural method to restore health as well as a glowing appearance is extremely beneficial. Your tresses will shine on throughout the day thanks to the mighty effects of coconut oil.

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