How Exercising Promotes Hair Growth

How Exercising Promotes Hair Growth

There are more things you can do than adding natural products to your hair to get beautiful, lush, strong strands. I am talking about exercising daily. Why? Because when we exercise, we sweat. We know that when we do so, our skin pours get unclogged, giving us a more youthful look, because sweat flushes out toxins and waste substances. When sweat comes from the scalp, our hair also benefits. Hair follicles also get unclogged, allowing for new hair growth. And through exercise, blood flow increases to our skin, our muscles, and our scalp. The blood flow to the scalp allows for more oxygen and nutrients to reach hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

You don’t have to exercise for hours at the gym. A lot of us conflate exercise with time, and in our busy worlds, we don’t have enough of it. So exercise falls to the wayside. Don’t let that happen if you want healthy hair. Find a sports activity that you like. Pick up tennis or squash. Or try martial arts such as tai che or Taekwondo, take dance classes, do yoga or pilates. You can gradually ease in. You can exercise lightly at first. To begin, do only 5 minutes of walking, dancing, cycling or any activity you enjoy and slowly increase the intensity and duration. After a few weeks of exercise, especially if you are new to it, it will become part of your everyday life, and you will enjoy it because it reinvigorates all parts of your body and gives you natural energy. That’s in part because exercise increases the serotonin levels (the happiness hormone) in the body. Just remember that exercise needs to be a part of a holistic beauty and hair care routine.

Of all the exercises and sports out there, hair growth responds more during cardio. Cardio increases sebum and sebum coats the hair in addition to getting rid of harmful toxins in our body.
Doing backbends and inverted poses increase blood to the scalp. So do exercises using neck and head, as well as yoga. The more oxygen received by cells in the scalp, the more your hair will respond. You’ll see the difference in the growth of your hair and in the reduction of hair loss.

Calisthenics also promote hair growth. Stretching reduces hair fall as it aids in the reduction of build-up of acid in the cells and muscles. Acupuncture can also increase hair growth, as well as decrease hair fall. After a month of acupuncture, hair will look healthier. Even massaging the base of the neck and the shoulder has proven to grow hair.

Sweat it, Don’t Stress It!

Of course, a lot of people who have too many things on their plate—and this seems like the majority of people—get stressed out. It’s only natural. When you are stressed, you produce stress hormones (cortisone) that affect the entire body, including the hair. Stress thins hair and increases hair loss because the hormones cause hair follicles to stop growing. Why not try that new sport or exercise? Pick up yoga or speed walk. These things and more will curb your stress, which in turn, will curb unhealthy hair

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