How Inversion Therapy Can Help Improve Hair Health and Growth

How Inversion Therapy Can Help Improve Hair Health and Growth

Inversion Therapy has existed for centuries. To do the pose, you need to invert the body at an angle, and with head down. The weight of your body will naturally stretch the spine, helping to reduce tension. And the increased circulation to the head will foster hair growth.

You shouldn’t feel any bad side effects from inverting if you gradually ease into the pose and only do it when you are at the most flexible. Also, inversion therapy is more effective if you use an inversion table. However, don’t use an inversion table if you suffer from such things as vertigo, loose or damaged ankle and knee joints, and swollen joints, among other things. And absolutely avoid it if you are pregnant or have injuries in the spine or neck.

Try incorporating the inversion into your exercises by doing it for seven consecutive days, at up to 4 or 5 minutes at a time. Blood will again flow to the head, and we know now, of course, what will resort.

Another inversion technique involves sitting backwards on the couch, lying on back on the seat with legs resting on the couch back. Your head should hang over the edge. This inversion is worth a shot as it is quite comfortable because you have full support for the back.

Measuring Hair
It can be hard to measure hair. But if you follow this regiment, it will become easy. First take measurements from several sections of your head before you begin an inversion week. Once the week is over, measure the same areas to see if the regime has worked. You probably won’t find much change at the beginning, but note that even an inch of new hair growth is something to be proud of! All your hard work has paid off! I actually do not measure my hair at all, I know that inversion has great benefits for my body and hair and this satisfies me enough to use it almost every day for 15 minutes. I actually desire to use it twice a day, in the morning and evening for 15 minutes each time.

Benefits for the Body
Inversion Therapy can have many other great benefits for the rest of your body, not just your hair. The increased blood flow helps more oxygen get to the brain, which gives a boost to the rest of the systems. You can also get benefits to the joints and ligaments of the body, particularly of the neck and spine by stretching and bending and holding the poses of the Inversion Therapy process. When they body is in alignment and functioning as it should all systems are more productive – including hair growth.

Full Body Benefits Of Inversion

  • Back Pain – helps with lower, middle, and upper back pain in the vertebrae and ligaments
  • Eases Fibromyalgia Symptoms – reduces pain and nerve reactions
  • Eases Neck Stiffness – tightness in the neck can be eased with the natural stretching of inversion
  • Reduces Headaches – improved circulation and oxygen levels helps headaches
  • Respiratory System – better blood and oxygen flow makes it easier to breathe
  • Circulatory System Boost – help the heart and blood vessels work more efficiently
  • Alleviates Varicose Veins – inversion helps reduce pressure on lower extremes
  • Digestive & Immune System Boost – better system balance means systems work for effectively
  • Lymphatic System Function – boots lymph node functions and controls hormone release
  • Boosts The Immune System – helps you stay healthier and fight germs easier
  • Improves Posture – you can sit, walk, and stand better when your spin is in alignment
  • Improves Flexibility – it is easier to bend and move and lift without hurting yourself
  • Realigns The Spine After Workouts – prevents exercises induced spine and neck problems
  • Improves Sleep Quality – inversion helps the entire body rest easier and helps you achieve deeper sleep
  • Increases Energy – you get more energetic when you feel good
  • Mental Health – the improved system functions can greatly impact your mental state
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety – when you feel better you will be less stressed out and worried
  • Boosts Creative Thinking – creative people find they have less creative blocks with inversion therapy
  • Reduces PMS Symptoms – periods are less severe and more regular in those who use inversion therapy
  • Improves Physical Appearance – you look better when you feel better
  • Anti-Aging Effects – inversion helps you look younger and healthier for longer.

So as you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider adding Inversion Therapy to your normal routine. Your hair, and indeed your entire body, can benefit from it!

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