Incorporating Headbands into Creative, Everyday Hairstyles

Incorporating Headbands into Creative, Everyday Hairstyles

Beautiful and decorative headbands have been making their way back in fashion in a big way. These very easy to use hair accessories can become a way to create elegant and romantic hairstyles. In order to create a very easy to wear headband style, just follow these easy steps.

You’ll want to make sure that you place the headband about an inch or two back from the hairline. This will allow you to show your bangs and incorporate them into the headband too. Using a side part also adds a nice angle to the hairstyle and works well with this style.


Next, take one side of the bangs in the front, pull it to the side and around the back, tucking it into the headband, pulling the hair through and allowing it to blend with the rest of the hair down your back. For longer pieces, keep re-wrapping the long bang by winding it through and around the headband, leaving enough to hang down.

Then, you’ll take the long piece in the front from the other side and repeat the same process as you did with the first bang. By the time you are done wrapping, both pieces of the long bang should meet in the middle of the headband in the back and flow in a lovely way down the back. This will layer the bangs into the rest of the hair down your back, creating a flowing and romantic look.

If the hair feels loose in any way or you have a few wayward strands, don’t be afraid to use a few pins to secure the hair. Also, to create a full, textured look, you can gently push the headband up in the back to give the appearance of a full, teased top layer to your hair. The front of the headband will remain secure and keeping the bangs in place.

You will find many headbands to choose from with beautiful floral and fabric covered choices to match your outfits. This soft, romantic style is perfect for many occasions and will look beautiful with many outfits.

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