Long Hair Styles That are Fashionable and Fun for Everyone

Long Hair Styles That are Fashionable and Fun for Everyone

On those mornings when time gets away from us, we tend to twirl our long hair into a simple bun or a ponytail and head out for the day. As we move away from childhood, we tend to leave behind the fun and easy styles that brought our long hair to life and made it look sleek, fun and even professional. Having long hair is a great way to bring back those styles from our childhood and incorporate them into an ever changing way to keep your hairstyles fresh and exciting!

If you are not sure if a style you once used for your long hair will work well with today’s fashion and when you are out and about, there are many styles for your long hair that remain classic and versatile for many different occasions. Once you master these easy styles, you’ll incorporate them into your everyday routine in no time.

The High Ponytail
It may seem like such an easy way to put up your long hair, but with the right height and finish, the high ponytail can go from shopping to dinner to an elegant evening. Keeping your long hair off of your shoulders and out of your face during your day at the office or out shopping with friends can look fashionable and far more elegant than the traditional ponytail. Using long, sweeping brush strokes, move your hair to a high position on your crown. Whether your long hair is curly, straight, natural or permed, you can secure the ponytail with a small elastic. Covering the elastic with a twist of hair and a few pins will hide the elastic and leave an elegant look.

Double Braids for Summer Fun
Don’t listen to people who tell you that double braids are for the girls in school. When you are ready to hit the beach, head out on a hot summer day with friends, or just hanging out in the sun, this style looks great with all your summer outfits. Combing and separating your hair into two sections, braid each side and secure with a fun, colorful elastic at the end. There are hundreds of pins, clips and bands of all colors to match your summer outfits.

Half Up, Half Down is Flirty and Practical
You don’t have to have a formal gown to look like a princess when you try the half up and half down approach to your hair. This style will pull the bulk of your hair up and leave your long tresses flowing down your back. This look is great for an evening out with a special someone or a girl’s night out on the town. You can try this look for a formal event, a new summer dress or your most elegant evening dress. This flirty and sensual hairdo is perfect for so many occasions. You can pin the top part up or use different decorative clips and jeweled pins to keep the half up part of your hairdo in place.

The French Braid
When you want to show off the beauty of your long hair with an elegant braid, the French braid is one that never fails to flatter. There are many variations you can try with adding in colored ribbons as you braid, clips and pins to enhance the sections and draw attention, or even break tradition and make a side braid. This hairstyle is a sure thing whether you need a style for a casual outing or for formal events.

A Sleek or Messy Side Bun
If you are looking for an elegant way to put up your long hair for formal events like dances, weddings or if you just want to emulate the high fashion of the red carpet, this is your go-to style. This style is one of the best ways to show off your array of hair accessories. Flowered and jeweled clips and bands go very well with this style. You can incorporate a braid to add texture to the bun of you can create more of a messy bun by pulling out small sections of the ends to add flair for a more dramatic look. Keep any stray hair in place with bobby pins.
Don’t be intimidated by these styles. Once you have created them for yourself a few times, they will become a part of your average morning. In no time, you’ll be switching between styles and have your own signature look for all of your events and every day fashion.

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