Lunar Hair Care Explained

Lunar Hair Care Explained

Essentially the gravitational pull of the Moon affects how fast or slow things here on Earth will grow. In early times, beauty queens would use ’Mama Moon’ as a guide in which to gauge hair growth. If the moon was full or waning, these things would dictate how they took care of their hair.

The rate of hair growth is rapid as the moon grows in the sky. When the moon is at its most powerful, this is a very good sign to get your hair cut.

In the Waxing Phase (New Moon to Full Moon) skin and hair is more absorbent. It’s the best time to use natural products to rejuvenate skin.

In the Waning Phase (Full Moon to New Moon) hair grows the slowest. However, this is the prime time to detox. Exfoliate, use mud packs, and use natural rinses. This is also the best time to get your hair trimmed because of the slow growth.

Just before the New Moon is the perfect time to wax, exfoliate and pluck.

A waxing moon is a growing moon, making its way to becoming full. Moisturize, take in vitamins, repair skin and hair because it is during this time that skin and hair are more absorbent.

The Full Moon is the time to cut your hair because then hair grows thicker and faster.

The waning phase is the phase where the Moon decreases. This is also the time to detox. Use one of the natural rinses on your hair or try starting a diet to get rid of impurities and chemicals in your hair and also in your body. You might want to sweat it out during this time. Get in a sauna or a steam room, and you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Using the moon as a guide for good health and hair is a forgotten tradition. But you’ll never know if this process works if you don’t try it out.

Karen Marie Shelton runs She’s an expert on the moon in terms of how it responds to hair and hair growth. She has written several articles over the past twenty years, and has studied astrology, using it wherever she can. She believes without a doubt that growing your hair works using the different phases of the moon. She says during the New Moon is the best time to start a hair growth program. As Shelton dictates, “This would include starting a hair vitamin program or a new hair healthy diet, exercise, scalp or other hair care program designed to get your hair stronger and longer as quickly as possible.” When the light of the moon is decreasing, this is the best time to trim ends. When the moon is in the astrological sign Leo, this is also the time to trim. This is also when you should cut your hair.

Interesting, isnt’t it? I follow moon phases in my hair care routine for many years now.

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