Make a Perfect Crown Braid

Make a Perfect Crown Braid

Using a comb, create a part along the top as well as down the back of your hair. At the nape of your neck, start braiding but move toward your forehead as you work. Using an elastic, secure the braid when finished. Then, take the hair from the other side and repeat the process. When you are done, you will have braids finished in the front of your head.

To create the crown braid, hold them up to see which one will look best on the top and bottom. Thinking of the braid as a headband, cross the first over and pin it will with a few bobby pins. Take the second braid and wrap that as well and secure.

A few finishing touches will create a more modern look. Pulling a few pieces out here and there to frame your face will really make the look pop. This look can go from club to work to elegant outing due to its versatility.

Make a Perfect Crown Braid


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