Natural and Organic Alternatives to Harsh, Chemical Hair Dyes

Natural and Organic Alternatives to Harsh, Chemical Hair Dyes

There is nothing as fun as getting a fresh new color on our hair. Trying a new look, covering up a few stray gray hairs or just for fun, dyeing the hair has been around for centuries. However, today’s synthetic hair dyes are a combination of many harsh and even potentially dangerous chemicals. Just reading the label is like reading a chemical cocktail. You’ll find ingredients such as: Ammonia, synthetic color agents and fragrances, EDTA, mineral oils, detergents and even ethanol. Not only do these chemicals get absorbed by the scalp and enter our bloodstream, some of these chemicals and substances are believed to be carcinogenic.

Using naturally derived products to tone the hair organically, you can avoid the risk of degradation. While they are not as dramatic in hue, they can help transform your hair in a natural way and help keep your hair healthy and beautiful. You can try the following safe and natural methods to make beautiful changes to your hair without risking the use of dangerous chemicals.

If you are looking for just a subtle color change, you can utilize plants as an infusion mixed into a natural shampoo. You can achieve a striking new look by letting the infusion sit on freshly washed hair without rinsing it. Try both methods and see which one you like best.

If you have black hair, create an infusion of lavender, indigo powder or even black Malva. Apply the infusion for 30 minutes to your hair and then rinse thoroughly. For red hair, try infusions of paprika, black coffee, red hibiscus, red Zinger tea, Jamaica flowers, rose hips or even calendula. Leave this infusion on the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing it out.

Natural, dark brown hair will look beautiful after an herbal infusion of coffee, young fern, clove, sage, nuts, chestnut, rosemary, nettle, ginger, maple bark and Sassafras. After 30 minutes, thoroughly rinse for rich, lasting results. If your hair is a lighter brown, look for saffron, orange peel, marigolds, chamomile or yellow mullen flowers. This infusion can be rinsed after 15 minutes.

When looking to brighten and freshen white hair naturally, infuse the hair with comfrey root, chamomile or blue Malva. This quick acting infusion requires just 10 minutes before rinsing. Also you may consider rhubarb root. It will lighten any hair color and this result will intensify if you dry your hair out in the sun. Allow 15 minutes for this on the hair before rinsing.

Learning about the properties of the henna plant is another way to infuse the hair with rich, natural and organic color. If you are seeking a strong red color to your hair, creating an infusion or paste of henna will do the trick. The active ingredient in the henna plant is hennatanic acid. It covers your hair in a protective layer which results in the retention of the hair’s natural oils and will become shinier. If your hair is gray or blonde, henna might not be what you are looking for. For dyed with chemicals or treated with any permanent solution, wait at least 2 months before using henna, else it will not have any effect on your hair.

For a more subtle red, using the henna plant in an infusion will impart a gentle red to your hair. For a more dramatic result, mixing henna powder with water until it creates a creamy consistency and then applying it to the hair will give a rich, deeper red. If you are looking to add a darker hue with the henna results, add in spoonful of coffee. For a lighter result, add the juice from a lemon. No matter which option you choose, add in a teaspoon of vinegar, which will stimulate the coloring process. For another method to try, take an enamel pot, put the paste in and heat it in a steam bath. Making sure it is at a bearable temperature, the paste can then be applied to clean, dry hair and left on for 30 minutes to a few hours, I actually sleep with it in my hair and rinse it in the morning. The longer the paste is left on, the stronger the resulting color will be.

So, as you can see, there are many different ways to achieve beautiful color results for your hair without resorting to dangerous chemicals. Exploring the vast array of natural herbs and organic processes, you will easily find a color you love, a natural color. Find out more by subscribing to my newsletter.

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