Nicely Shaped Curls and Volume for Natural Curly Hair

Nicely Shaped Curls and Volume for Natural Curly Hair

No matter what the length of your hair or even how thick it is, not everyone is blessed with beautifully shaped curls with a natural shape and volume. It’s easy to be envious of those born with hair like this, but instead of spending time wishing you could have them, there are a few tricks you can use to give your hair a little bit of an advantage. There isn’t always time to spend long hours working on your style and there is an easier way to achieve the look you are seeking.

Even though I always wanted to have really long hair, it wasn’t until in recent years that I had the patience to let it grow very long. When it reached to my waist when wet, I found that it was severely lacking in volume due to how heavy it was. We all want that nice volume to our hair on top. Accidentally falling asleep one evening while my hair was still damp, I woke the next morning and was pleasantly surprised. My hair not only had very nice curls, but I had gained tremendous volume. I was so pleased with the outcome!

This new routine became a part of my bedtime ritual. After evening washing, I would go to bed with my hair still wet. As long as you consider that this technique works best with neck length level hair and longer, you will get consistent results. If your hair is short, this may not be the best way, because your hair might wind up looking like a helmet in the morning from all the volume. Due to the extra volume and gorgeous curls, your hair will look amazing every day if you follow these simple steps.

These days, I keep my hair long. At this length, I have many styles to choose from and it is very easy to manage. While from time to time I let it dry the usual way and it looks very nice, but if I am seeking the incredible volume I often desire, the method of styling it while I sleep works without fail.

You will be sure to get a lot of compliments and people will wonder how much time it took for you to get such an amazing style. There’s no reason to give away your secret, you can just tell them you naturally have such beautiful curls and volume and keep the mystery to yourself. However, you can tell your friends who have been lamenting about their lack of volume and share your secret for incredible curls and volume. They will be sure to thank you for it. Pretty soon, you and your friends will be sporting the best looking natural curls and volume without having to do anything more than getting a good night’s sleep!

You can try experimenting with different levels of dampness in your hair to see which method gives you the results you are seeking. Sometimes, if your hair is too wet, you might not get just the right amount of volume. Leaving your hair damp, not wet, allows the curls to maintain their superior shape and allows the roots to achieve the volume. Try not to use products that might weigh your hair down and instead keep your hair well-conditioned to avoid frizz or a dry look. Healthy shiny hair will look fantastic when you use this easy “style while you sleep” method.


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