Not-So Potato Salad, Salad for Your Hair

Not-So Potato Salad, Salad for Your Hair

Everywhere I turn there seems to be more and more starches advertised. Filling us up on processed foods and sugars that damage our bodies, and our hair is not unfamiliar with the food-like products that we consume. It comes out as split ends and oily hair that can’t be fixed no matter what new and improved products we have bought in a desperate attempt to make our hair shiny and beautiful. Here is one recipe that helps heal our bodies from the inside while providing the necessary nutrients that our hair needs to rebuild itself. After all, a house is only as good as the materials and tools used to build it. Our bodies and the hair that grows from it is no different.

The first ingredient is green onion and it is an overlooked treasure. Onions are packed with Vitamin C, flavonoids, phytochemicals and sulphuric compounds. These help your body naturally trigger healthy reactions like growing hair or fighting against hair loss. Folic Acid and fiber are B vitamins that encourage our bodies to make new cells which help with growth as well. The Vitamin K present in green onions can even help create new hair follicles. That is something to think about the next time someone asks you if you like onions, just translate the question to “do you like more follicles to grow stronger hair?” That answer is undoubtedly a ‘yes’.

Olives have a surprising amount of antioxidants and vitamins which fight hair loss and even conditions hair to be more moisturized. Not only is it healthy, olives have a natural flavor that gives a kick to any dish. Olives are a great pairing with tomatoes for taste, but the tomato is also loaded with Vitamins K, B1 – 3, B5 & B6, A, C as well as the minerals iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Don’t worry, you get all of these same benefits by using olive oil as well. All of these compounds promote healthy, shiny hair while also adding to the clarity of your skin and strength of nails. This overall beauty salad still offers more in taste and health benefit because of the additional silica, sulfur and Vitamin A given by the cucumber. I rest assured knowing as I get older I will continue to have a full head of naturally beautiful hair that is healthy because I gave my body the right ingredients to produce that.

The base of this not-so potato salad, salad is avocado which is like a miracle for hair loss. It both fights hair loss and promotes hair growth because of the high amounts of Vitamin B & E. This means that avocado protects and strengthens hair in the long run. As a matter of fact, if you have made too much of this base feel free to use it as a mask on the scalp. Avocado paste made with olive oil on your scalp for hair health is never a bad idea. Never.


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • Juice from ½ a medium sized lemon
  • Himalayan or sea salt to taste
  • 1-2 tsp raw mustard
  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 2-3 garlic cloves *optional*


  • Place cucumber, onion, tomato and olives into a large bowl
  • Place the peeled & pitted avocado into the blender with lemon juice, salt, mustard, olive oil and garlic cloves.
  • Blend mixture until you have a smooth paste
  • Pour mixture over vegetable and mix in well with pepper to taste.

Not So Potato Salad Salad for Your Hair

Garlic is an added component that help fight hair loss because of the high copper content. Adding garlic to this dish will not only give it more flavor but also increases the body’s ability to fight hair loss. Some people think that the taste is too strong so add as much or as little as you like but the health benefits of the garlic are not to be ignored. Regardless if you use the garlic or not I do suggest refrigerating this salad until it’s ready to be served. While the lemon juice helps it from turning colors, adding the seed into the bowl and covering it with the salad will keep the color bright and vibrant. I hope you have fun making this and enjoy the taste. This is a great dish for the warmer weather as it tends to be cold and refreshing. Without starches breaking down into sugars you can enjoy this dish knowing that every bite is just as healthy as it is delectable.

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