Poised for Style: Creating a Lace Headband Braid

Poised for Style: Creating a Lace Headband Braid

For an elegant hairstyle that can be emphasized with curls, the lace headband braid is a wonderful addition to your sophisticated hairdos. If you desire to wear your long hair down, but need to pin the top out of the way throughout your busy day, this is the hairstyle for you. The lace headband braid is a versatile style as it can be worn with straight or curly hair. You can let your hair naturally flow freely down your back. Your hair can even be pulled back into a ponytail with this particular hairdo.

To craft the lace headband braid, you will need a paddle brush, 2-3 Bobby pins, a teasing brush, and a natural medium to firm hold hairspray. Follow these steps to create your very own lace headband braid.

Poised for Style: Creating a Lace Headband Braid

  1. Begin to brush your hair straight back from your hairline. Next, pick a small section of hair near your right ear and part it into three sections. These three sections are for the braid.
  2. Start to work on your lace braid by crossing the two side sections over the middle section from the three sections you parted. Next, incorporate smaller strands of hair from along the hairline into the braid.
  3. As you continue to braid your hair towards the top of your head, be sure to keep the braid close to your hairline.
  4. Braid your hair towards the left side. Make sure to bring in hair only on one side of the braid.
  5. Continue to braid your hair down the left side of your hair towards your ear.
  6. When the braid arrives at your ear, braid the section into a standard braid.
  7. Now, lay the braid against your head. Be sure the braid is underneath the hair above it and then pin the braid in place.
  8. Allow your hair to be as natural as possible and skip using a curling wand as it damages your hair.
  9. Use a teasing comb to gently and lightly back comb small sections of hair at your hairline. Teasing of your hair needs to be done very little as not to damage your hair. You can even do without the teasing of your hair.
  10. To hide the teased portion of hair, gently smooth down the top layer of hair.
  11. Use a natural hairspray that has a medium to firm hold to ensure the style is in place and to add extra volume.
  12. Brush through the ends of your hair. To complete the style, use shea butter or coconut oil to smooth your hair with a natural product which is more beneficial for your hair.

The lace headband braid can be worn to elegant and formal events. Excellent events to wear the lace headband braid style would be to dinner parties, weddings, or formal birthday parties. You can even bring a touch of class to the office by wearing this hairstyle to work.

Formal dresses will only add to the poise that is received from the lace headband braid hairstyle. Short dresses for cocktail or birthday parties can go right along with the lace headband braid hairdo. Skirts paired with a dress shirt also match the lace headband braid vibe.

As you wear this one of a kind hairdo, elegance and charm will soothe from your hairstyle and bring a gentle vibe wherever you go. Showcase your hairstyling techniques through the lace headband braid.

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