Promoting the Growth of Your Hair Through Raw Foods

Promoting the Growth of Your Hair Through Raw Foods

Your diet can help to promote the growth of your hair into long, beautiful locks that shine with brilliance. Actively incorporating raw foods into your daily diet guarantees your tresses will regrow and be stronger. As you dine on delicious plant-based foods, you will be taking in more nutrients to ensure a healthy body and head of hair. Do not fret if you experience hair loss after switching to a diet of raw foods. Fruits and vegetables do maintain and sustain healthy hair growth.

The Basics of Hair Growth

The growth of your tresses responds to events that occur throughout life. If you move to a new town, the water may contain different minerals than your body is used to absorbing. Differences in the levels of zinc, magnesium, proteins, and fatty acids can all lead to hair loss.

Your tresses grow actively for a specific amount of time and then rest. Hair falls out at the end of the rest cycle. As hair fall occurs, your tresses are normally replaced by new hair growth. Events can happen that disrupt the natural growth cycle, causing tresses to enter the rest cycle and fall out before new locks are ready to replace them.

Diet and Your Hair

A change in diet can affect the condition of your tresses. Switching to plant-based foods may cause hair loss as your body cleanses itself of toxins and builds new hair follicles. Rest assured, healthier follicles are growing and will one day be more luxurious tresses. To achieve beautiful locks, you do have to wait for the hair that grew on your cooked diet to be replaced. Higher quality tresses are sustained through a raw diet.

Solutions to Hair Loss

As the tresses that grew while you were on a cooked diet leave your head, set a new goal of growing long, beautiful locks on a raw foods diet. Healthy tresses cannot be pulled apart easily or broken off. Stronger hair is just one of the many benefits of maintaining a raw diet. Persevere past the detoxification process, and you will have strong tresses growing atop your head. New, stronger, healthier locks will sprout forth due to a plant-based foods diet.

What Are the Best Raw Foods for Your Hair?

The list of raw foods that will maintain and sustain healthy hair growth is bountiful. Sulfur foods, such as onions, radishes, hemp seeds, and aloe vera, will ensure the protein keratin is produced properly throughout your tresses. Cucumbers and red peppers are silicon foods ensuring your hair follicles are provided with the necessary minerals needed to grow long and strong. Inside carrots, arugula, and papaya is a high amount of vitamin A, which helps to produce healthy sebum needed to moisturize your tresses. Zinc foods, such as coconuts, nuts, and seeds, prevent dandruff as well as other scalp conditions. Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C, which builds collagen to promote healthy hair growth. Avocadoes and olives contain vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties. Plant-based foods have amazing benefits for your locks.

Restore the health of your hair by incorporating raw foods into your daily diet. Give your scalp and hair the nutrients they need by maintaining a plant-based diet. Your beautiful tresses will thank you.

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