Quench your Hair’s Thirst for Health and Vitality

Quench your Hair’s Thirst for Health and Vitality

You should take care of your body in so many ways. You should nourish it with quality food and make time to move your body in many ways with yoga, walking, biking and other ways to strengthen yourself. However, one of the most important ways that we can make sure that our hair shines with healthy vibrancy and vitality is by drinking plenty of water. Starting your day off with a generous drink of warm water will go a long way towards increasing your health and starting your day off the right way.

If you’ve ever known someone who was suffering from brittle, broken hair, dull, thinning strands or other problems, if you took the time to inquire, you would probably find out that their water intake was far from sufficient. It has long been common knowledge that dehydration leads to many outward signs of poor health due to the neglect of proper hydration in our bodies. Since your hair is nourished from the scalp, ensuring adequate fluid intake ensures that your hair will grow thicker, longer and be stronger overall. After all, our hair is 30% water, so it only makes sense that better hydration will benefit your scalp and hair.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, sought after for centuries for its wise and accurate connections between body, mind and spirit made the discovery between the health of the body and its direct reflection in the health of our hair. Experts in TCM know that the proper hydration and function of the kidney holds the key to hair health. Many people often reveal that they struggle with drinking enough water, but this is an easy habit to begin. If you start your day off by drinking a generous glass of warm water upon wakening, you will find that as you continue this beneficial habit every day, you will start to feel better and notice an improvement in your outward appearance. With an attainable daily intake of three liters as your ultimate goal by gradually increasing your intake each day, you’ll be drinking plenty of water in no time. Keeping yourself well hydrated is universally known to keep the kidneys and liver blood functioning properly. You will stave off premature aging signs like the graying of the hair. Your body and hair will reward you from the inside out!

In addition to the rewards of healthier hair, there are several other benefits you will enjoy from proper hydration. Your skin will glow with a nourished radiance. Dry, sallow skin will be replaced with a firmer, smoother look and the appearance of fine lines and premature wrinkles will be kept at bay. Your entire outward appearance will reflect the benefits of excellent hydration and you will notice the continued benefits as your hair and skin continue to improve as you approach your optimal water intake. It is also important to note that exercising your body and cleansing it will require replacement of water as well. Also, be sure to eat a healthy diet comprised of many fresh fruits and vegetables which will work together with hydration to ensure you look and feel your best.

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