Raw Beetroot Paste to Feed your Hair

Raw Beetroot Paste to Feed your Hair

Adding a healthy paste to your favorite foods enhances the nutritious value of cuisine that is already delicious. Raw beetroot paste includes a wholesome variety of nutrients and minerals to promote healthy hair growth. As you heighten the nutritious value of your meals with this wonderful tasting paste, you will be maintaining and sustaining your beautiful tresses.

Ingredients and Recipe

  • 175 grams (1 cup) of raw cashews
  • 1 beetroot
  • Himalayan salt
  • 5-6 garlic cloves
  • 1 teaspoon (6 milliliters) of cold pressed coconut oil
  • 75 milliliters (1/4 cup) of water

Soak the cashews overnight. Cut the beets and blend them. Next, add the cashews, water, salt, garlic, and coconut oil. Blend all the ingredients until a smooth paste is formed.

Benefits of Ingredients for Hair

The combination of the ingredients for raw beetroot paste provide your hair with a natural treatment to increase healthy hair growth. Each individual ingredient has excellent nutritional qualities to enhance the success of growing long, voluminous locks.

Benefits of Raw Cashews

Raw cashews are an important component of this recipe, containing many nutrients and minerals to encourage the growth of your tresses. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and state of mind, these cashews will bring your hair back to life. Cashews have high amounts of vitamins B, C, and E in them.

The vitamin B in cashews strengthens and conditions your hair. Vitamin C builds collagen, which is necessary for healthy hair growth and maintaining strong locks. To help absorb iron, a healthy dose of vitamin C is needed to ensure your tresses are sturdy. By repairing and building tissue, vitamin E increases the growth of your hair. Vitamin E also reduces scalp inflammation and rebuild hair follicles.

The copper in cashews prevents premature graying and brings out the natural color of your hair through a dazzling shine. Cashews contain a high amount of magnesium to help your hair follicles stay strong and ensure the strands of hair stay intact. Linoleic and oleic acids ensure you have silky-smooth tresses that will shine each and every day.

Benefits of Beetroot

For an ingredient that increases your stamina throughout the day and provides you with a wonderful energy boost, beetroot also nourishes your tresses. Inside beetroots are vitamins A and C along with calcium, iron, and potassium. Vitamin A helps to produce sebum, an oil secreted by your scalp and needed to prevent hair from drying out or breaking off.

The iron in beetroot increases the amount of locks that are grown and reduces the amount of hair fall. Potassium is a crucial nutrient for promoting the growth of your hair and preventing hair loss. Calcium stimulates the growth of your tresses and ensures proper development of cells.

Benefits of Garlic

Allicin, a sulfur compound in garlic, has wonderful healing effects for your tresses. Allicin is a main component of treating hair loss and ensuring the growth of new, healthy locks. Allicin increases the flow of circulation in your scalp, therefore promoting hair growth.

The sulfur in garlic also helps to reduce the amount of dandruff on your scalp. Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are known to treat scalp conditions such as itchiness and dandruff.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the miracle cure for treating various hair ailments. Coconut oil contains anti-oxidants, fatty acids, and other nutrients essential to sustaining healthy locks. Lauric acid has a high affinity for hair protein and does wonders for your hair shaft. Lauric acid also can significantly reduce the chances of a protein deficiency due to dry or damaged tresses.

The various fatty acids in this healing liquid prevent dandruff and lessen the chances dandruff will return to your scalp. The anti-oxidants in coconut oil provide a hormonal balance to ensure healthy hair growth.

Raw Beetroot Paste to Feed your Hair

By creating this raw beetroot paste as an addition to other nutritious meals, you are taking care of your locks of hair. As you enjoy this wonderful paste, your tresses will grow out shiny and strong.

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