Raw Chocolate Cake, a Delicious Way to Nourish your Hair

Raw Chocolate Cake, a Delicious Way to Nourish your Hair

When I made this large, raw chocolate cake for my father’s birthday, I made sure to incorporate the nutritious ingredients that I know would not only make a rich and delicious cake but also would nourish the hair from the inside out. In this recipe you will find many vitamins and minerals contained in the ingredients to ensure your hair will shine and be strong and healthy.

For starters, the walnuts used in this recipe are packed with B-vitamins. Biotin for example, is well known to strengthen hair, reduce hair loss and improve growth. Dates contain vitamin B and iron and they will both protect you from hair loss and encourage strong and healthy hair. Carob powder nourishes your hair with vitamin E, which is important for strong and healthy locks. Cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants and the oils will impart strength and shine to your hair.

You will need a slightly bigger pan for this larger cake. I used one that is 22cm in diameter. Now it’s time to assemble the ingredients so you can begin to make this delicious treat.
For the bottom layer, you will need 200 grams (or 7 ounces) of walnuts and also 200 grams (again, 7 ounces) of pitted dates, both soaked overnight. Also, you will need 6 tablespoons of carob powder and about 4 tablespoons of the water you soaked the dates in. Processing the ingredients in two batches, add half of the ingredients and process until it is well mixed, but little enough to keep the walnuts and dates in pieces. This is such a nice texture and very flavorful this way. When everything is mixed, place the contents into the bottom of your pan and put into the freezer until the next layer is prepared.

Next, it’s time to prepare the chocolate cream. You will need 500 grams (or 17.6 ounces) of raw cashews that have been soaked overnight, 12 tablespoons of cocoa butter that has been gently melted in a bain-marie, 450 ml (or 15.2 ounces) of coconut milk, 12 tablespoons of carob powder, 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract and 6 tablespoons of honey or to your taste. Process the ingredients in batches and when it is all finished, mix well in a large bowl and pour the mixture over the bottom layer in the pan and return to the freezer.

To make the chocolate glaze, take 50 grams (approximately 1.7 ounces) of cocoa butter, 1-1/2 tablespoons of carob powder and a ½ tablespoon of honey, mix them all together thoroughly, place in a silicone mold and put into the freezer. It will harden very quickly.

Keep the cake in the freezer for at least a few hours. I have kept it overnight as well. When you remove the pan, powder the cake with carob and then grate the raw chocolate from the mold all over the top of the cake. You can now decorate the cake as desired. I chose to decorate the cake with orange slices. The combination of orange and chocolate is delicious, but you may use whatever you like.


This delicious cake is large enough to last for several days and is full of rich, hair boosting ingredients.

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