Raw Green Soup for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Raw Green Soup for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Sometimes, a nourishing, healthy soup hits the spot. However, it can also provide wonderful benefits for your hair. The ingredients in this recipe not only blend together for a delicious meal, but there are long lasting benefits for your hair as well.

Garlic is a wonderful remedy to end your hair loss problems because of its high levels of allicin, a sulfur compound similar to that found in onions. Spinach contains many antioxidants that will encourage healthy growth.

Onions will keep your hair strong by promoting a healthy scalp. If your hair is lackluster or lacking strength and shine, adding parsley to your diet can be very beneficial. Lastly, sauerkraut will encourage growth and a healthy scalp.

To make this recipe, gather your spinach, wild garlic, green onions, parsley and 1 liter (about 34 ounces) of sauerkraut juice. Chop the vegetables into bite size pieces and add them to a ceramic or glass bowl. Pour the sauerkraut juice overtop and place the soup in the fridge overnight. You don’t even need to add any salt as the sauerkraut juice by itself is plenty salty. Remove from the fridge when you are ready to serve and enjoy.

Raw Green Soup for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

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