Soft, Pulled Back Fishtail Braid for an Elegant Style

Soft, Pulled Back Fishtail Braid for an Elegant Style

To begin this lovely braid, take two pieces from the front and sides of your hair. Pull them into a ponytail at the center back of your head. Take the end of the finished ponytail and feed it through the top of the ponytail. This will cover the band you’ve used and will also create extra volume in the center.

Next, separate your hair into three large sections in the back, clipping them until you are ready to braid. The ponytail will be the center of the three sections. Braid each section until complete and secure with a discreet band to keep the braidsneat.

The next step is to incorporate the now three braids into one. Braid the three sections together until complete and secure with a decorative band for added flair if you like. To add volume and beauty to your finished braid, gently pull each section until you have a flair with each braid. You can pull just a little bit or make it into a gentle, messy braid for a casual look.

This creative style will not only bring a tailored, elegant look, it can also work well with a lovely summer dress or casual outing. It’s so versatile! You’ll be sure to receive compliments on how attractive your hair is styled with this unique twist on the average braid.

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Soft, Pulled Back Fishtail Braid for an Elegant Style

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