Soft Side Bun

Soft Side Bun

Sweet and simple hairstyles have a soft appeal about them that exude a classy fashion. This soft side bun has a quiet charm combined with dazzling poise. Feminine beauty has a delicate touch as you wear such a fabulous hairdo. The following steps will have you tastefully showcasing a unique side bun.

Begin by having all of your hair pushed to one side of your head. Place your hair in a low side ponytail. Create a hole at the top of your ponytail with your fingers. Loop the ponytail through the hole you created. Now, create another hole at the top of the ponytail with your fingers and begin to use bobby pins to hold thicker strands of hair in place. As you gather your hair into a bun with bobby pins, you can tighten or loosen certain areas of hair with your fingers for different textured effects. Be sure to use bobby pins to keep the side bun in place. Use natural hairspray to keep hair in place as well.

Soft Side Bun

After crafting your soft side bun, picking the right style of clothes to match is just another part of fashion. Softer, pastel colors will match the vibe of this hairstyle. Longer dresses go well with the romantic feel of this hairdo. Casual dresses that have an easygoing vibe also pair well with this side up-do.

For your next evening at a classy restaurant, try wearing this hairstyle to match the essence of sophistication. When you attend a special event, this side hairdo exudes dignified elegance.

Donning a soft side bun showcases your feminine characteristics and allows you to feel like the true beauty you are. Wear this eye-catching hairstyle in good taste at the various occasions you attend.

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