Special Powers of Hair

Special Powers of Hair

Most people do not realize that their hair actually has special healing powers! All of the hair on your entire body possess special healing powers- even the tiny hairs on your face. This is not as far fetched as it may seem when you think about it. Remember that tingly sensation you get that causes the hairs on your head and the back of your neck and even your arms to stand on end? That tends to happen when something is not quite right and you instinctively know something is off and there is a reason to be concerned or worried. This gut instinct is your hair’s healing and receptive powers kicking in and alerting you to a potentially dangerous or risky situation!

Hair Talks to Us
It is believed by many people, from all walks of life, that the very ends of our hair are like mini antennae. Each strand is a separate receptor that picks up on signals and gathers energy from the Universe; it does this as a means of stimulating the higher levels of consciousness within the human brain and to boost creative thought. Hair is a natural extension of the nervous system and is believed to be a direct connection to the brain- sending information picked up from the environment and transmitting it to the brain. It is also believed to help maintain the right balance in the electro-magnetic field of the body as well as recharging the chakras in the body, which helps maintain a healthy balance and an overall feeling of wellness and peace.

History of Hair Cutting
A long time ago, cutting hair was not something that was done much and wilful cutting of one’s hair was unheard of as it was believed to be a huge part of who a person was and also a direct connection to their heritage, ancestry legacy, and family power. In fact, only slaves had their hair cut and were often shaved in order to steal away their identity, keep them submissive, and rob them of any spiritual or physical power. When Genghis Khan rose to power and conquered China, he had people cut their hair and keep it short; he is also credited with having developed the hair style of bangs, as he believed it prevented the spiritual maturation and blocked any development of the spiritual third eye. To this day, there are many cultures that do not believe in cutting hair for spiritual, religious, and physical reasons.

Hair Cutting Was a Bad Thing
Cultures today still often hold to old traditions centred around the value of long hair. Many Native Americans for example, believe it is through their hair that they are connected to the planet and all of nature and that long hair is a sign of wisdom, power, oneness with the spirit world, and indication of great achievement. It has been put forth that Native Americans who keep their hair longer seem to be able to scout the land, track a target, forage for food, and survive better in nature, using only their intuition, much better than tribe members who had their hair cut shorter. Likewise, the Sikh culture too puts great value on hair and they believe that cutting hair can stunt spiritual growth and lead to poor physical health and even death. They wrap their hair into a knot on the top of their heads, where it is believed the focus energy of all their hair seeps into their being and energizes them and helps them spiritually. There is also mention of the importance of hair in the Bible as there are several Old Testament laws delaying with growing out hair on the head and face and importance of doing so. You also have the famous Biblical story of Samson and Delilah and the story of how Samson lost all his physical strength and ultimately became a slave and died because Delilah cut his hair. It is obvious that hair is important and that hair is meant to be long and natural and should not be tampered with and should not be cut!

Regrowing Hair
Some experts estimate that cut hair can take as long as three years to fully heal from the damage caused by cutting and it can take even longer to regain its ability to connect to the energy from the Universe as it once did. In many ways it seems like cutting your hair it like cutting off your senses and dulling you connection to the world around you. Studies have also found that the substance that makes up hair known as keratin has a crystalline structure that closely resembles the structure and composition of many sacred crystals and gemstones used for meditation and healing. So long hair is indeed a gift that should be maintained and protected!

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