Stunning Updo is Perfect for any Occasion

Stunning Updo is Perfect for any Occasion

This combination waterfall braid and full side bun and knot is the perfect style for work or play. You can wear this hairstyle for the most elegant of occasions, at the office or with a casual outfit.

Begin by parting your hair on the side. Start the braid by gathering three sections and braid in a tight, waterfall style across the side of your hair, twisting the first two pieces as you go and pulling the third piece down to enhance the waterfall effect. As you work your way around, create the braid downward and to the side until you reach just behind your ear on the other side. Finish the last section down to a finished braid and secure the very end with a small elastic.

To create the side bun, turn the braid into an attractive roll. The desired finished effect will have the braided bun directly up against the side of your head, low and behind the ear. Secure the bun with enough pins to ensure it will stay secure and tame any loose ends.


Enjoy the many compliments on this beautiful hairstyle, as you are sure to receive many.

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