Tame Long Hair into a Beautiful Wrap-Around Braid Hairstyle

Tame Long Hair into a Beautiful Wrap-Around Braid Hairstyle

Braids are an easy way to take long, flowing hair and turn it into a romantic style that will turn many heads your way. Follow these easy instructions to create a gorgeous wrap around braid that shows off your long hair.

With all of your hair down your back and a side part created in the front, begin creating a braid in the front at the part. Be sure to allow a bit of your bangs to remain to create the soft, romantic look alongside your face. Work the braid down and when it is almost done, pull gently on the braids a bit to make them fuller. Taking the braid across the middle of your hair length, move it to the left and secure it with a few pins, allowing the rest of the hair at the end of the braid to fall down your back.

Begin another braid from the front at the other side, also leaving a small amount of hair to fall in the front as a bang. Continue braiding until you have a long enough braid to meet the length of the other braid and bring it along top. Use the remaining hair that is not braided and gently push it behind and through the braid already in place. To keep the hair secure, pin the hair under the braids to conceal the pins and ensure the two braids stay together nicely.

Once everything is pinned securely, you can pull a bit on all the braids for a fuller look and allow the bangs in the front to complete the romantic look by gently brushing them back and allowing them to frame your face.


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