Ten Juices That Help Encourage Healthy Hair Growth

Ten Juices That Help Encourage Healthy Hair Growth

Everyone knows that fresh fruits are good for you and can help you stay healthy, but did you know that fruit juice can actually help your hair stay healthy, strong, and beautiful? The residue and juices from fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables can help give your hair the vitamins, nutrients, and nutrition that it needs to stay healthy. It also helps improve the growth and vibrancy of hair too. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices strengthen hair so there is less breakage, nurture hair so it is healthy and shiny, and improve vitality so it stay lush and full. The nutrition from juices are great for use on hair because the vitamins and nutrients can be absorbed easily and quickly. Here are few great options to consider if you are looking for some juices to use for hair growth and health. I really advice you to buy a slow juicer (see my recommendation).

Cucumber Juice
This is a popular juice to use for skin and hair because it helps maintain moisture and water and also helps to ensure proper growth of hair. The enzymes contained in cucumbers help to prevent hair loss and breakage and it can also help to enhance the circulation of hemoglobin throughout the cells to maintain them at a vibrant and healthy level. Drinking just a single glass every day helps ward off major hair problems.

Aloe Juice
The juice of the beloved aloe vera plant is not just good for treating burns and skin irritations but it can also go a long way to help prevent hair loss. The vitamins that can be found in aloe vera helps hair stay strong and silky and it also helps with moisture retention and hair cell repair. If you have dry hair, itchy flaky scalp, or split ends, using aloe on your hair is a great way to get these issue under control and can help you get a lustrous shine and soft hair. This is one of the best juices you can use on your hair!

Kiwi Juice
Aside from being a delicious fruit and a fun name to say, kiwi is a great fruit for your body. It is highly enriched with vitamin E- helpful in promoting stronger and faster hair growth. Because the nutrients in kiwi helps to enhance the body’s natural immune system, it is great for helping strengthen the hair follicles and to promote good hair growth. It is also good for using on hair during normal washing as it also acts as a natural cleansing agent which helps remove oils and dirt from the hair.

Guava Juice
With a power punch that is packed with anti-oxidants, guava is a wonderful juice to drink and to use on your hair. It has a lot of vitamins and various nutrients including calcium, iron, follic acid, and more. You can eat the fruit, drink the juice, turn the leaves into a hot tea, or use any of the guava products on your hair- it will all help give you lush, beautiful, healthy hair that will be the talk of the town. Guava can be a little expensive and sometimes difficult to find so that can be an issue for some people but the results will be well worth the effort!

Coriander Juice
Also known by most kitchen experts as cilantro, this green veggie helps with hair care by enhancing hair growth and fighting against hair loss. It is highly beneficial and can be easily added to any drink or shake to get the hair boosting benefits into your daily diet. Leaves can be seeped into a tea that can be used as part of the wash process. A coriander paste can be made that can be applied to the hair before washing as you would normally.

Onion Juice
While it is a smelly yet very healthy vegetable, making an application of the juice from an onion directly on the scalp has been shown to have great benefits for both your skin and your hair. Onion juice contains elements that enhance the growth of mane and prevents the appearance of white hair. Contaminations are stripped from the hair strands and follicles and harmful parasites are destroyed by the acid and other compounds that are in the onion juice.

Spinach Juice
With lost of various minerals, vitamins, and elements that are beneficial for both the skin and hair, spinach is a surprising source of healthy hair care. Thinning hair, hair loss, dry flaky scalps, and damaged hair can be avoided by washing with a spinach juice after normal washing is done. Spinach helps to restore the natural health and shine to hair and helps give a powerful boost to hair growth that will be easy to see!

Carrot Juice
Known to be a favorite snack for rabbits and great for the eyes, carrots have also proven to be a powerful addition to your normal hair care routine. Carrots are highly enriched with beta-carotene – one of the elements that help preserve the color and shine of hair. The follicles of the hair are only as strong as the scalp they are in and carrot juice also helps nurture the scalp and keeping it healthy.

Garlic Juice
Hair care treatments come in many different forms but using garlic is one of the lesser known treatments that can be used on hair. This treatment method has its roots all the way back to historic times and has a long track record for producing great looking hair. It helps supply and regulates nourishment to the follicles so new healthy hair can grow. Garlic juice also helps strip the hair of residue, oil, dirt, and parasites that can damage the hair and destroy its healthy appearance.

Strawberry Juice
The final juice commonly used on hair to keep it looking healthy is strawberry juice. This is a great option for hair care because of the vitamin C, which helps boost protein production, which in turn leads to better hair growth. You can crush fresh berries and apply the paste to your hair or you can juice the strawberries and use that as part of your final washing. Shiny, thick, luxurious hair is what you have to look forward to!

It is easy to see why juices are so popular when it comes to hair care. Whether you drink them or use them directly on your hair, using any of these ten power juices is a great way to boost the health and vigor of your hair each and every day! So what are you waiting for? Try them for yourself and find the one that works best for you – you have nothing to lose and a head of beautiful hair to gain!

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